Marc Márquez and the Dakar

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The rider from Cervera feels great fondness for all kinds of motorsports, including dirt track and motocross. The Dakar Rally, the hardest in the world, is no exception.

Montaje de Márquez junto al coche del Repsol Rally team
Marc Márquez and the Dakar

Hello friends!

Today I’m going to talk to you about my love for Dakar. I have to admit that I really like this Rally and I follow it every year. During the day I see how the stages are going on my mobile and, whenever I can, at night I watch the highlights of the day on television. I especially liked last year’s Rally as it was a tightly-fought-out race and very interesting with a great variety of conditions.

It’s a very tough test, and I’m impressed by the competitors’ level of skill and endurance. As a professional rider, I have had the privilege of being able to meet some of the champions: Nani Roma and Marc Coma. If the mere fact of finishing the Dakar is already very difficult, being a champion shows that you are an amazing driver, with a great capacity for sacrifice and effort. Speaking of great drivers, Isidre Esteve’s return to the competition is great news. I have known Isidre for years, and in the last editions he’s performed really well. I hope this time he will do even better and improve on last year’s position. Of course, I will follow him stage by stage and wish him all the best in the competition.

Marc Márquez mirando a circuito con ropa de calle
Marc Márquez mirando a circuito con ropa de calle

I especially like the Dakar out of all the motorsports because of the difficulties involved. As you know, I am more than familiar with difficulties. All the different situations that can occur and the unforeseen events that appear out of nowhere make it the hardest test, and it is lovely to watch it every year.

Although for now I am sure that I want to keep riding in MotoGP, it is nothing more than a dream for the future that I could one day consider racing in a Dakar. It is a very tough test that you have to be very well prepared for. Taking part in a Dakar is not like racing on a Sunday, there is a great deal of preparation involved: physical, navigation, technical … To get there you have to think hard about it and have everything planned.

If I raced a Dakar, I would probably do it on a motorcycle since they have always been my great passion. But if I did it in a rally car, I would love to take my brother Álex along as co-driver. It would be fun to see how the two of us did together! Perhaps I could even go as a co-driver, since I normally have a good sense of direction. If I’m somewhere I don’t know and I’m not paying attention or I’m talking, in the end I have to use Google Maps, but not always, ha ha ha! Honestly, I would have to practice a lot. Racing in a Dakar requires a significant amount of preparation.

Marc Márquez con su hermano Álex
Marc Márquez con su hermano Álex

I would also have to deal with all the technical problems. In every stage there is always a competitor that has some scare with the mechanics. I am sure that, as always, I would take a good Repsol lubricant with me to avoid any problems.

Well, what do you all think? Would you like to see me race a Dakar? For now I’m focused on MotoGP, but in the future…who knows?

Best wishes to all the Box Repsol fans!

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