Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo face Argentinian Grand Prix with optimism

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The Repsol Honda Team riders took advantage of the time between the first two races of the season, with Marc Márquez practicing motocross and Jorge Lorenzo recovering from injuries.

Marc Márquez saludando en Catar
Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo face Argentinian Grand Prix with optimism

Marc Márquez has two victories at the Argentinian GP: He was the winner the first time the MotoGP World Championship visited the Termas de Río Hondo circuit in 2014, and repeated the triumph in 2016.

The reigning MotoGP World Champion has four pole positions from five races in Argentina.

The best result for Jorge Lorenzo at Termas de Río Hondo came in 2014, when he took a third place finish.

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Argentina GP 2019 – Pilot’s statements


We started well in Qatar and fought until the end for victory. The goal is of course to do the same in Argentina and take as many points as possible. Time between the two races has been good, I was able to return training with a motocross bike and I feel confident for this race.


Despite not finishing where we wanted, Qatar showed that we have a lot of potential with the Honda. Argentina will give us a chance to continue to improve on the bike. I have been focusing fully on my recovery between races, the wrist is feeling better and the pain in my ribs has also improved a lot since the race. In the past Argentina has not been one of my strongest circuits, but the Honda presents a new opportunity.

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