Marc Márquez and Isidre Esteve become mechanics for a day

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El vigente Campeón del Mundo de MotoGP y el piloto del Dakar, que en 2020 disputará su cuarta edición consecutiva con el apoyo de Repsol, demuestran en este vídeo sus habilidades a la hora de realizar un cambio de aceite y verificar niveles en distintos vehículos.

Marc Márquez con isidre Esteve y coche con capó abierto
Marc Márquez and Isidre Esteve become mechanics for a day

Marc Márquez, who returns to action this weekend at the tenth round of the MotoGP World Championship, and Isidire Esteve, who announced yesterday that he will participate in the Dakar with Repsol once again in 2020, put their mechanical skills to the test a few weeks ago.

Although in MotoGP the rider is not in charge of touching the mechanical parts of his bike, Márquez and Esteve both proved to be up to the challenge of changing the lubricant of a Honda CBR. Márquez explained that he performs the task on motocross bikes, and he and Isidre checked the levels of several vehicles.

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