Marc Márquez: more than just a rider

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Number 93 has always wanted to work with motorbikes, and if he hadn’t become a rider, he would have liked to become a mechanic. But is he any good at it? Let’s hear all about it from the man himself.

Composición de Marc Márquez en moto de cross
Marc Márquez: more than just a rider

In a way I’m my own mechanic. I don’t really have a choice!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you about my experience as a mechanic. Of course, when I’m on the track I’ve got my team looking our for me, but when I’m training off road I have to fend for myself! Normally José and my brother Álex come along with me, but my Dad often joins us and takes the motorbikes to the circuit. Between us we get the bike set up and, if anything breaks, we roll up our sleeves and find out how to fix it. They don’t just come to help me. We train together and solving these problems is just another part of a training session.

The advantage of going in a group is that when I’m not sure how to fix something, José, Álex, or my Dad can help me and, together, we fix it. I give my brother a hand if he needs it, too, and we manage quite well when we go training. Even though I don’t have my team with me, I think we do quite a good job. Also, I never train alone and we can enjoy working on the motorbikes together.

Marc Márquez con su hermano Álex y su amigo Jose
Marc Márquez con su hermano Álex y su amigo Jose

Fixing something in the middle of a training session has the disadvantage of reducing the amount of time we have to concentrate on the mechanics. If a minor problem comes up in the middle of a session we try to fix it and carry on training, but if we’re finishing up, I get off the motorbike and prepare to get my hands dirty. If the problem is more serious, we go home and fix the problem in the garage in Cervera.

So, in a way I’m my own mechanic. I don’t really have a choice! If something breaks, I either fix it or I won’t have a motorbike to train with. I’ve been learning ever since I used to go to the track with my Dad and Álex on the weekend when I was little. I’d watch my Dad, as he did all the maintenance . Me being me, I wanted to learn how to do everything and I paid close attention. I’ve always though that if I hadn’t become a rider I would have liked to be a motorbike mechanic.

Marc Márquez con moto roja de cross parado
Marc Márquez con moto roja de cross parado

If I had to give one piece of advice to those who want to become mechanics, I’d say that you always need to be passionate about what you do; that’s the most important thing. Ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated by motorbikes and wanted to train. If you want to learn, you need to put the effort in and keep at it.

I only try fixing motorbikes…I’m not very handy in the home. I’ve tried a few times but, judging by the results, it’s better left to the experts!

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