Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa in 2017: Unforgettable double wins

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If there is anything better than seeing one of our riders on the podium, it is seeing two of them. This year has seen an especially sweet season for our team, with three unforgettable double wins for Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa.

Marc Márquez y Dani Pedrosa celebran junto a sus equipos los resultados de una buena carrera
Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa in 2017: Unforgettable double wins

Solo tenemos un deseo para 2018: ¡Queremos más dobletes!



04 Jerez 4, 5, 6 y 7 de mayo de 2017. Circuito de Jerez de la Frontera, CADIZ, JEREZ.
MotoGP, MGP, mgp, motogp

We saw the first double win at the Spanish GP. Although the season didn’t start out very well, after the Americas Grand Prix and Marc’s victory (with Dani winning third place in that race), the fans were itching to see Repsol Honda win again. On that occasion, Dani crossed the finish line first after a great race. Number 26 demonstrated his knowledge of the Andalusian track by winning the race. Marc came in second place, giving the season a positive turn.



10 Republica Checa 3 a 6 de agosto de 2017. Circuito de Brno. República Checa. MotoGP, MGP, mgp, motogp

Marc Márquez started in pole position and Dani Pedrosa started from the first line. Both took the race lead in the tenth lap. From that point on they were unstoppable on the Czech Republic track, crossing the finish line six seconds before the third place winner, Maverick Viñales. This was an unexpected double win considering that Honda does not have a good track record at Brno. This time, the team showed that the tide had turned and the team was clearly on the rise.




Naturally, our riders arrived at MotorLand very motivated as they were riding in front of their fanbase. The Aragón GP is one of the most special because it marks the beginning of the last leg of the competition, just before the Asian tour.

Riders who have a chance of becoming World Champion begin to set themselves apart at this stage of the competition. Marc Márquez was really looking forward to riding on one of his favourite circuits, and that motivation took him to the highest step of the podium. Dani had a great race pace and finished just behind his teammate. Both crossed the finish line earning another double win for the Repsol Honda Team.

We only have one wish for 2018: more double wins! See the latest from the team at, on social media, and on the Box Repsol app.


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