Why does Marc Márquez like Motorland so much?

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Every time Marc talks about Motorland, a smile takes over his face and he can’t help but remind us that it is one of his favourite circuits.

Why does Marc Márquez like Motorland so much?

What does the Aragón GP track have that so delights the Repsol Honda rider?

·@marcmarquez93: “Aragon’s one of the tracks I like best of all the World Championship”

Every circuit has something special for each pilot, after so many races, each track brings both good and bad memories. Marc Feels like Motorland is a Track he’s specially attuned to: “I love being there, and it’s one of the tracks I like best of all the World Championship.”

The Motorland circuit was inaugurated on 6 September 2009 and in 2010 it was added to the World Championship, the same year in which Marc became the 125cc world champion. The track has witnessed a large part of the rider’s career, and its own trajectory mirrors Marc Márquez’s. As the Repsol Honda rider’s trophies gathered in his museum in Cervera, the awards received by the circuit in Aragón have also piled up; it was selected as the best GP on three ocassions.

Motorland is characterised by a wide variety of turns, notably turns eight and nine, which are reminiscent of the corkscrew at Laguna Seca for being so sharp. The technical level required by the track offers up very exciting scenarios during the GP.

Even without being the rider who has been on the podium the most times at the Aragón GP, as this honour is shared with ex-Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner, Marc has started at pole position on six occasions (four of them during the MotoGP), achieving the fastest lap outside of a race. He has been on the podium 6 times, 4 of them in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018 when he took the victory.


In his first year, Marc did not get far on this circuit despite having reached pole position, as he was taken down by a rival in the first turn. However he is not one to fall in love with a circuit that always goes well for him, he’s a guy who prefers a challenge; in his own words the Aragón track presents the kind of challenge he enjoys most: “The first and last section of the circuit are pretty technical and you have to work hard on the bike’s set-up in order to take the turns properly.”

But if there’s anything that the Repsol rider loves about it, it’s the intense presence of his fan club on the stands. “All the people from Lérida go to Aragón instead of Montmeló because it’s a bit closer.” Motorland is one of Márquez’s favourite circuits, and his fanbase has accepted it as their own, a link to their favourite rider. Here Marc always feels loved and welcomed by a sea of fans.

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