Jorge Lorenzo and Álex Crivillé: From champion to champion

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The two now-former riders celebrate 25 years of Repsol Honda with a motorcycle trip and a chat, looking back at their beginnings and their arrival at the most successful team in history.

Jorge Lorenzo y Álex Crivillé chocándola
Jorge Lorenzo and Álex Crivillé: From champion to champion

Jorge Lorenzo and Álex Crivillé, two of the most successful Spanish riders in history, met a few weeks ago to enjoy a motorcycle excursion together and discuss their careers in the World Championship from their beginnings to joining the Repsol Honda Team – an alliance that turns 25 this season. They also touch upon the changes that the sport has undergone in the last two decades.

Lorenzo, who will be named a MotoGP Legend at the Spanish Grand Prix next season, and Crivillé, the first Spaniard to win a title in the premier class, had contrasting starts to their amazing careers. Crivillé began riding and training on roads in his town of Seva, while Lorenzo did not obtain his rider’s license until 20 years after being introduced to bikes by his father, at the age of three.

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