Daring Navarro places seventh in wet German GP

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Repsol rider picks up important points in difficult wet race, just 36 days after fracturing his left tibia and fibula. Teammate Aron Canet places fifteenth at Sachsenring.

Arón Canet riding in Sachsenring
Daring Navarro places seventh in wet German GP

·@jorge_navarro9 remains second in the Moto3 standings #GermanGP


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Jorge Navarro showed his courage and fighting spirit on raceday at the German GP, battling tricky conditions and Moto3 title rival Brad Binder just 36 days after suffering a fractured tibia and fibula. The Spaniard was eager to do well after missing the previous Grand Prix through injury, and managed to take the advantage in the duel with Binder. Only a scare on the penultimate lap prevented him from putting two riders between the pair, and he would eventually place seventh. With this result, the Repsol rider remains second in the Moto3 standings, 47 points behind the leader.

Teammate Aron Canet finished fifteenth, collecting a point and continuing his learning experience in his rookie year. This was the first time that he had contested a Moto3 round in the difficult conditions of intense rain and cold asphalt.

Arón Canet and Jorge Navarro in action

Jorge Navarro

“I am very happy, because it was very difficult to stay on the bike today with such a waterlogged track and so little visibility. The goal was just to finish the race, but I didn’t want to settle for that and tried to place ahead of Binder, because I knew that in these conditions we could do well. In addition, on a psychological level that is more significant than the point that we’ve cut to him in the standings. In the race I think luck was on my side, because I had a few scares. You can call it skill, but luck has to be on your side sometimes, because there was a big chance of crashing and in the end I made the saves. Just 36 days after a big injury, I have been able to compete again, and I am very grateful for all the support the team have given me.”

Arón Canet

“We achieved the goal today, which was to finish the race. From start to finish we had that as the only plan, and I kept calm at first when I saw other riders overtake me. I decided to stay in a group in which things were calmer, but at the end they greatly increased their pace and escaped. I preferred to follow my own pace and score a point, because our goal for today was to finish the race and learn from it. It was my first race in the rain since in the World Championship, and I had barely practiced in these conditions, so I’m happy to have finished.”

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