Return to work for Repsol Honda Team

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Two crashes for Marc Márquez during the second session at Silverstone, as he takes fifth overall. Teammate Dani Pedrosa finishes in seventeenth place.

Return to work for Repsol Honda Team

The good thing is that even struggling, we were able to find a good rhythm


Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez finished fifth on the combined timesheet today and suffered two crashes during the second practice session: One at the start and the second almost at the end.

These crashes prevented him testing the new bike change system, tried out by the majority of the MotoGP grid.

Dani Pedrosa, who improved by more than a second from FP1 to FP2, finished the day in 17th place. The weather forecasts are for drizzle tomorrow morning but a mix of clouds and sunny spells on Sunday.
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Marc Márquez

The crash I had at the beginning of FP2 changed our plans for the session a bit. It was my fault, as after seeing the sun here at Silverstone, I went out with a bit too much confidence on cold tyres. So after that, I had to use my second bike, which had a completely different setup. We tried to find a good base, to adapt to what we had, but I wasn’t completely comfortable and I couldn’t ride well and had another crash when I tried to push harder. The good thing is that even struggling, we were able to find a good rhythm and not be far from the top guys. We already have some ideas for tomorrow to improve our feeling with the front, so we’ll focus on that area besides trying to make a good choice with the tyres

Dani Pedrosa

Today was difficult because in both sessions, we struggled a lot with the suspension setup and weren’t able to find good stability on the bumps. I couldn’t control the bike well, as it was moving and shaking a lot, which meant I wasn’t able to ride fast. We’ll keep working with the team to find a solution. It won’t be easy but we’ll do our best as we’re coming from some very positive races and we’d like to continue at the same level

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