Alberto Puig “We are very happy for all Repsol Honda Team members.”

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The Repsol Honda Team Manager, Alberto Puig, highlights the effort required to maintain the team’s efficiency and passion, after victory in Japan.

Alberto Puig con Marc Márquez
Alberto Puig “We are very happy for all Repsol Honda Team members.”

Marc Márquez claimed his 54th win in MotoGP at Motegi, matching the legendary Mick Doohan. The Repsol Honda Team sealed their 25th Constructors Title, their fourth in a row. Alberto Puig would celebrate in the box and under the podium, along with the presidents of Honda and HRC at the Japanese manufacturer’s home race.

[Question] A special Japanese GP winning the Constructors Championship.

It was a very positive weekend because we were in front of the Japanese fans and many Honda Motor Co. members and staff, including the President Takahiro Hachigo, Vice President Seiji Kuraishi and HRC President Yoshishige Nomura. Races like this always have a special atmosphere about them. Marc did a very good race and there is a great feeling of happiness for all of us, for the Repsol Honda Team members, for the fans, for the riders and for all the people involved in the project.

A 25th Constructor title is a good indication of the type of approach, the investment and the passion Honda has for motor racing. Because without this approach it is impossible to achieve what Honda has achieved.

It’s admirable to see these things in a world as complex as the racing one. This kind of efficiency and domination are very difficult to find and often more difficult to sustain but Honda continues to be the benchmark.

[Q] What was the strategy for the Motegi race?

[A] The strategy was to try to make a gap and see if there was a chance from there. When it’s not possible to pull away, the rider needs to control the race from behind and work in a different way. But Márquez was able to open a small gap and keep his concentration to build this advantage and maintain it, this was enough to win.

Marc was paying attention to his fuel consumption; everything was under control thanks to the advantage he had built, and he was not having to push to the limit for the whole race.

[Q] Positives points and negatives points after the race?

[A] Of course, the positive is that Marc was able to take his fourth win in a row and take the Constructors Championship at Honda’s home. The negative point was that we were hoping Jorge could be faster at a track that he likes and has won at many times. It was not so easy for him; we just hope he can keep trying until the end of the year.

[Q] The view from pit wall during the race?

[A] The race was great and very interesting. Marc was always leading but Quartararo was also always pushing, he was very fast and he tried his maximum. We have to congratulate him because he did a good race and he is officially Rookie of the Year after a very strong debut season.

[Q] Now without stopping we are going to Australia where Marc can beat Doohan’s 54 victories in the Premier Class.

[A] We go to Australia and we will try the maximum as we always do. It’s not an easy track, we cannot control everything because especially there the weather plays a big role. It is always changeable, cold, windy but sometimes sunny and hot.

Marc in Phillip Island has an amazing opportunity to overtake Mick Doohan as the most successful Honda rider in history, this is unbelievable. Let’s see if he can achieve it in Australia and continue to add to Honda’s incredible history in Grand Prix racing.

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