1. Organizing company

The company Repsol, S.A. (hereinafter "REPSOL") with CIF No. A-78374725 and registered offices located at Méndez Álvaro, 44, 28045 Madrid, intends to carry out a promotion exclusively aimed at those registered at boxrepsol.com, and adult internet users who register at boxrepsol.com (hereinafter, "Participants"), which will be developed in accordance with these rules (hereinafter “Rules”). The above mentioned promotion shall be called “Win a polo shirt signed by Pol Espargaró” (“Promotion”).

2. Purpose

The purpose of this Promotion is to publicize and encourage the use and registration of Box Repsol.

3. Promotional period

The Promotion shall take place worldwide from 24 February 2021, the moment at which the Promotion will be announced on social media, to 17 March 2020 at 12 p.m., both dates included, peninsular time in Spain, (hereinafter the “Promotional Period”).

4. Cost

The Promotion is free and therefore no additional payment is necessary to participate and win the contest's prize, without prejudice to the expenses, fees, and/or taxes corresponding to the winner in accordance with these terms and conditions, just as REPSOL will not pay any compensation for it. However, the Participant declares to accept and recognise that, any hypothetical cost that their participation and/or taking of the photographs may entail will be exclusively their responsibility.

5. Eligibility rules and how to participate

The Promotion is open to participation of all persons over 14 years of age who duly follow the steps laid out in these Rules.

To participate, users simply have to sign up for the draw at www.boxrepsol.com/en/win-first-polo-shirt-pol-espargaro-repsol-honda/, to do so they must be previously registered at boxrepsol.com.

This Promotion is not open to any person directly or indirectly linked with or who has participated in its development, preparation, design, organisation, and/or implementation.

REPSOL reserves the right to automatically remove and expel from the contest any Participant that it deems to be misusing or abusing the Promotion. Misuse is understood to be, for merely informative purposes, the breach of any of the terms and conditions included in this document.

6. Prizes

REPSOL will award a prize, consisting of a polo shirt signed by Pol Espargaró.

The prize is personal, is non-transferable, and is as described. The prize may not be combined with other(s) or exchanged for any other prize or for the cash value of the prize. Sale of the prize is prohibited.

If, for any reason beyond REPSOL's control, should the corresponding prize detailed herein not be available, REPSOL reserves the right to substitute it for another of equal or greater value.

7. Awarding of the Prize and Communication

The awarding of the Prize will be done so by way of a draw, which will be made through an automatic random selection program. The draw will take place on March 19, 2021. One winner will be chosen from all the people registered in the draw on the boxrepsol.com web page. Another 2 alternate winners will be selected in the event that the winning participant rejects the prize or loses the right to the prize due to any cause.

The winner will be revealed on the same day March 19, 2021 at boxrepsol.com and on @box_repsol's social networks.

The winner will be notified via the email they used to participate at the time of registering, and must confirm they accept the prize within seven calendar days following replying to the email. In the event that the winner rejects the prize or does not respond within the indicated period, the organizing company will repeat the process with the first alternate winner and so on until all alternate winners have been contacted, if necessary. In the event that the last alternate winner either accepts the prize or does not respond to the email, the prize will be declared null and void.

8. Fraudulent participation

In the event that REPSOL or any other entity that is professionally linked to this promotion detects an anomaly or suspects that a Participant is preventing the promotion from developing as it should, they may unilaterally cancel the registration of the Participant in question.

REPSOL has enabled the necessary mechanisms to detect any fraudulent, abnormal, or malicious actions committed by Participants with the aim of unduly winning a prize. Therefore, REPSOL reserves the right to eliminate from the register any Participant proved to have or suspected of having committed an irregular action with the aforementioned purpose.

9. Disclaimer

The relationship between the Participant and the internet is totally beyond REPSOL's control, so we recommend that the Participant carefully read the legal terms and conditions and privacy policy in addition to these Rules.

Furthermore, REPSOL may not be held responsible for (i) any possible losses, damages, delays, or other circumstances attributable to third parties that could affect the development of the promotion, or (ii) any possible problems or down time of telecommunications lines, in addition to the poor functioning of electronic communications networks, websites, and Social Media pages involved in this Promotion for causes outside REPSOL's control, or the services provided by collaborating entities to winners as a result of the prizes that impede or hinder the development of the Promotion.

11. Personal data protection and image rights

Participation in the Promotion is voluntary and involves the processing of your personal data. Below, we provide information on how we process your personal data:


Repsol, S.A., with registered address at 28045 Madrid, Méndez Álvaro, 44.

Data Protection Officer

You can get into contact by sending an email to protecciondedatos@repsol.com

Data subject to processing

All the data that you provide, as well as all those resulting from your participation in the promotion, is subject to processing. Should you be the winner, your name and image will also be subject to processing so that you can be announced as such over our communications channels, including social media.


To carry out all the processes necessary for the action, including publishing a list of winners and getting into contact with them to deliver the Prize.

Lawful basis for processing

The express consent that you provided when participating in this Promotion.

Data recipients

Those necessary in accordance with the law, service providers in their role as data processors, and third parties related to the Promotion should it be necessary to carrying it out.

Data subject rights

Access, rectification, opposition, erasure, restriction of processing, portability, and withdrawal of consent. You can find more details about these rights in the extended information available in the Privacy Policy on www.repsol.com/privacidad. You may exercise these rights by sending a letter to the Controller’s registered address, or alternatively by sending an email to redessociales@repsol.com.

You may also lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority at any time.

Duration of processing

Whilst the action is underway and, once it is finished, until the statute of limitations for civil, commercial, criminal, and/or administrative liability has passed.

International transfers

Those necessary as a result of our relationship with service providers, with the guarantees established in the Privacy Policy available on www.repsol.com/privacidad.

Additional information

You can find further information about how we process your data in the Privacy Policy available at www.repsol.com/privacidad.

By participating in the Promotion, Participants expressly authorise REPSOL to publish their personal data (full name) on any internal or external media deemed necessary, as well as on the Social Media networks where the Promotion is publicised, with the exclusive purpose of publicising the Promotion. This will be performed in accordance with the privacy policy adopted by the Repsol Group on the market, and may take place before the Prize has been formally accepted or before it has been confirmed that the Participant does not meet any other of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions, thereby losing their right to the Prize. The announcement/publication of a participant's name as the winner does not create any right to a prize if the participant fails to meet any other provision established in the Terms and Conditions, and will lose the right to receive the prize despite the announcement.

12. Taxation

The prize associated with this action is subject to current legislation and other related provisions regarding taxes and fees that may be applicable to the prizes and the winners when the prize is handed over.

13. Claims

Claims must be submitted within a maximum of FIFTEEN (15) days following the end of each of the Promotion's participation periods.

Claims submitted by Participants will be resolved by a Jury selected by REPSOL.

14. Depositing and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Modifications

These Terms and Conditions will be deposited with and notarised by Mr. Miguel Ruiz-Gallardón, member of the Notarial Association of Madrid, with office located on calle Núñez de Balboa, no. 54, bajo 28001, Madrid, Spain.

By participating in this Promotion, you expressly accept all of the associated Terms and Conditions, which can be accessed on www.boxrepsol.com.

REPSOL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time and may even cancel the action before the closing date, in which case it undertakes to notify participants of the new terms and conditions or the cancellation of the promotion sufficiently in advance.

Any questions, comments, or complaints in relation to this promotion should be addressed to REPSOL via its boxrepsol.com web page.

15. Applicable legislation and resolution of disputes and claims

This Promotion is subject to applicable Spanish legislation. Notwithstanding condition 13, REPSOL and the Participants will resolve any conflicts resulting from participation in this Action in the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid Capital, and renounce any other jurisdiction that may be applicable.