The FIM CEV Repsol returns in Jerez

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The entry level series faces its last stint with Fernández, Raffin and Patacca in the lead of Moto3, Moto2 and ETC, respectively.

Grupo de ciclistas rodando en una carrera de Moto3 en FIM CEV Repsol
The FIM CEV Repsol returns in Jerez

Jesko Raffin could mathematically secure the title of Moto2 European Championship if he wins and Edgar Pons finishes no higher than fifteenth.

Over at Moto3, Raúl Fernández leads the overall standings with a 28-point advantage over Manuel Pagliani and at the ETC, Matteo Patacca is tied in the lead with Xavier Artigas with 82 points.

This next Sunday, the Moto3 Junior World Championship and the European Talent Cup will have two races and the Moto2 European Championship only one.

The dream of every rider is to get into the World Championship and to achieve it, the FIM CEV Repsol is now one of the best stepping stones. In fact, twelve riders from the current grid have already make their debut at the World Championship. This is the objective of Álex Millán, who, at thirteen and after competing at Catalan championships, this year took an important step on his way to MotoGP by competing at the FIM CEV Repsol, where he is taking part in his first ever ETC season.

FIM CEV Repsol Jerez 2018 schedule:

11:00 Moto3 (1st race)

12:00 ETC (1st race)

13:00 Moto2

14:00 Moto3 (2nd race)

15:00 ETC (2nd race)

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