Motorcycle world mourns loss of Hugo Millán at MotorLand Aragón

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An accident at the fifth round of the FIM CEV Repsol ends in tragedy during the European Talent Cup race.

Motorcycle world mourns loss of Hugo Millán at MotorLand Aragón
The FIM CEV Repsol experienced tragedy this Sunday at MotorLand Aragón, with the death of Hugo Millán Gracia in an accident in the European Talent Cup race.

The 14-year-old from Huelva fell in an incident at Turn 5 involving multiple riders. The race was stopped and Millán was treated on the track by the medical services before being transferred to the circuit medical center, but would not survive the injuries suffered.

The news of his death came after the Moto3 race was over, and the remaining two races of the day were cancelled.

In the three races held, the winners were David Muñoz –FIM Moto3 ™ Junior World Championship–, Fermín Aldeguer –Moto2 European Championship– and Adrián Cruces –European Talent Cup–.

The FIM CEV Repsol mourns the loss of Hugo Millán and we offer our condolences to his family and team.


Moto3 race standings
1. David Muñoz – 30:01.905
2. José Antonio Rueda (+0.019)
3. Daniel Holgado (+0.131)
4. Iván Ortolá (+0.172)
5. Marcos Uriarte (+0.206)

ETC race standings
1. Adrián Cruces – 18:26.378
2. Xabi Zurutuza (+0.032)
3. Máximo Martínez(+0.398)
4. Brian Uriarte(+0.474)
5. Roberto García (+0.578)

Moto2 race standings
1. Fermín Aldeguer – 30:26.684
2. Alonso López (+0.779)
3. Taiga Hada (+21.014)
4. Lukas Tulovic (+21.074)
5. Aleix Viu (+23.589)

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