Kunii, García, Pons and Bertelle take the wins in Jerez

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Yuki Kunii and Sergio García, at the Junior World Championship, Edgar Pons, in Moto2, and Matteo Bertelle, in both ETC races, took the highest place of the podiums in the sixth round of the FIM CEV Repsol.

Podio del FIM CEV Repsol
Kunii, García, Pons and Bertelle take the wins in Jerez

Yuki Kunii achieved his first victory in a very intense Moto3 race, that saw a last corner accident involving Ogura, García and Pagliani.

In the second race of the Junior World Championship, victory went to Sergio García.

After the round in Jerez, Raúl Fernández, increased by four points –now 32– his advantage in the lead of the championship.

The only Moto2 European Championship race, finished with a comfortable victory for Edgar Pons.

With this result, the Catalan rider is now second in the overall standings, 47 points behind the leader, Jesko Raffin.

Matteo Bertelle won both European Talent Cup races; the two races were decided by less than 10 thousandths of a second.

On top of the overall standings, Xavier Artigas broke the tie he had with Matteo Patacca and takes the lead, with a 21-point advantage.

Grupo de pilotos rodando en carrera en el FIM CEV Repsol
Grupo de pilotos rodando en carrera en el FIM CEV Repsol

Yiku Kunii – Moto3 1st race winner

“At the beginning, the first group got a small advantage, so I pushed to the limit to try and catch up with them. Finally, Pagliani, Fernández and I were able to make contact, creating a group of five riders. In the last corner of the last lap, the three riders in front crashed and that handed me the victory. I’m very happy, I want to thank the whole team and all those who have helped me.”

Sergio García – Moto3 2nd race winner

“It was a very complicated race, and really tough, due to the high temperatures. Nevertheless, we did a great job. I was able to keep my focus and, in the end, I could pass Ogura and take this win. I want to dedicate this race to my friend Andreas Pérez, who will always be with us.”

Edgar Pons –  Moto2 race winner

“It was a very good weekend. In the free practices we had a slightly better pace than the others, so in the race our aim was to take the first place at the start and push. In the end, we did it; I escaped in the first lap, but it wasn’t easy, as the other riders were also pushing hard. In the final stages, the tyres were a bit worn and it was difficult to control the bike when entering and going out of the corners. Despite that, I was able to keep the distance with the second, Jesko Raffin, and win the race. I want to thank the team and everyone that supports me.”

Matteo Bertelle – European Talent Cup 1st race winner

“It was a very tough first race because it was so hot. It was also a group race and we’ve been fighting from start to end. I’m very happy with this win and I want to thank my parents and the whole team for helping me getting it.”

Matteo Bertelle – European Talent Cup 2nd race winner

“I’m very happy to have taken this second win. We did a great job, despite it being a very tough race due to the heat. I want to thank my team because the bike worked very well and I felt very comfortable both in the first and the second race.”


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