Jesko Raffin takes the Moto2 European Championship title in Albacete

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The Swiss rider secured again the title he already won in 2014. Raúl Fernández, Héctor Garzó, Luis Pomares and Alex Millán won the different races of Round 7.

Jesko Raffin rodando en lluvia intensa
Jesko Raffin takes the Moto2 European Championship title in Albacete

Raúl Fernández won the race of the Moto3 Junior World Championship which he started from pole position and dominated from flag to flag.

With this result, Raúl Fernández increased his advantage in the lead by 17 points –now he has 49–.

Héctor Garzó achieved his first victory in Moto2 after a first race that was decided in an exciting end. The Moto2 race was cut to 13 laps due to the heavy rain that started falling a few minutes before the start.

Luis Pomares was the winner of the second stint in Moto2. The contest was cancelled 10 laps from the end due to the bad weather and only half the amount of points has been awarded.

Jesko Raffin is now Champion of the Moto2 European Championship in the FIM CEV Repsol after finishing the seventh round in Albacete 46,5 points ahead of his closest rival in the overall standings.

Alex Millán took his first win at the FIM CEV Repsol in a demanding race of the European Talent Cup. The Catalan rider signed a perfect weekend after taking the pole position on Saturday.

On top of the overall standings, Xavier Artigas keeps the lead of the category, 19 points ahead of Víctor Rodríguez.

Carrera de Moto2 en lluvia intensa
Carrera de Moto2 en lluvia intensa

Raúl Fernández – Moto3 race winner

“It was an amazing race. We had a very good pace during the weekend, the setup of the bike was good. Yesterday I did a fast lap that gave me the pole position and today the only thing I wanted is that it didn’t rain.

In the end it rained but we were able to win. I want to thank my whole family because they always support me and also my team.”

Héctor Garzó – 1st Moto2 race winner

“It was a difficult race. I tried to manage it right, but at the beginning it was difficult. I tried to push at the start to see if I could build some advantage over the second group. In the end, it worked, although I took some risks, but it’s what I had to do. I’m very happy with this win.”

Luis Pomares – 2nd Moto2 race winner

“The second race was crazy. At the beginning there was a dry line on the track and thirteen laps before the end I saw that some riders stopped to change to the rain tyre.

The strategy we had agreed with my team was not to stop to change the tyre until I got the signal from my Team Manager, so I continued until the red flag went out. It was a good weekend.”

Jesko Raffin– Moto2 European Champion

“Being the Champion is incredible. It was a very long Sunday and many things happened, so we were in doubt until the last moment. This title feels even better than the first because I could show to everyone that had doubts that I can be fast and win, and that gave me even more motivation.

I want to thank the team, they did a great job the whole season, and also my family, my friends and my fans. I’m very happy.”

Alex Millán – European Talent Cup race winner

“It was difficult to get the pole position, but we worked hard for it. The race was crazy; I dropped to the tenth place but then I was able to recover and win in the end. I want to thank the team, my family, and all those who support me.”

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