Foggia, new Junior World Champion

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The Italian rider secured the title of the Moto3 category, while the Moto2 European title and the European Talent Cup will be decided in Valencia with Eric Granado and Manuel González, respectively, as the favourites.

Foggia, new Junior World Champion

I want to thank the team for their job and congratulate Foggia for securing the title


Jaume Masià

Jaume Masià achieved his first win of the season in a very close end of race, in which he beat Foggia by 95 thousandths and Masaki, third, by 139 thousandths.

With this result, Dennis Foggia mathematically secured the Junior World Championship title with two races to go that will be held in Valencia.

In Moto2, Ricky Cardús and Eric Granado shared the victories at the Aragón track. In the first race, Cardus beat Odendaal and Granado in a very intense finish. In the second, Granado won by barely 53 thousandths over Cardús.

Eric Granado will arrive to the last race of the championship with an advantage of 16 points over Cardús. Steven Odendaal, third overall, is now mathematically out of the battle for the Moto2 European Championship.

The European Talent Cup will also be decided in the last race. Manuel González leaves Aragón with a 20-point advantage over Meikon Kawakami, winner of today’s second race.

In the first race, that saw two red flags due to two accidents, Alejandro Díez achieved his first win of the season.

The last round of the FIM CEV Repsol 2017 will take place next November 19th at the Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo Circuit. Two races of the Junior World Championship will be held, with only one for the Moto2 European championship and the European Talent Cup.

ganadores CEV aragón 2017


“I’ve been among the fastest the whole weekend, but in this circuit, it’s difficult to put together a good lap. I knew that there were riders ahead of me that didn’t have my pace. I tried to pass my rivals as fast as possible so that they didn’t bother me and I was able to escape with Foggia. I want to thank the team for their job and congratulate Foggia for securing the title.”


“It wasn’t an easy race. I had a bad start due to a problem with the engine. During the first few laps I was a bit more relaxed, but as laps went by, it was more difficult. Odendaal was setting a pace that wasn’t bad. I was preserving myself, but when there were only three laps to go I told myself: ‘get going, because his bike is very fast’. In the end I tried to get into the straight right behind him and at the braking point I was able to be more aggressive and pass him.”


“In the second race I was able to have a good start again. At the beginning the pace was very slow, I tried my best to push and set a good pace. When I tried to lead and push for a whole lap, we started to run at 1:54. From then on, we separated a bit. I knew Ricky would fight until the end because he had a pace similar to mine, I knew that he would try and I wanted to overtake him when he passed me. We had a good set up and that helped us. I’m very happy with this win and for being able to get some more advantage in the championship. I want to get to Valencia and do my best. I’m already thinking about the championship and to take this title to Brazil.”


“In the first start I was back, because yesterday in the Qualifying I couldn’t do as well as I wanted, but I did a good start. In the first two laps I tried to push to catch up with the leading group. In both races I tried to be among the firsts to have a good position in case of a red flag. I’m very happy with the result, I want to thank the team for their good work.”


“It was a great race. In the last laps I saw that other riders would pass us in the straight. I had to be first or second to get the victory, so I chose the right strategy. I’m very happy with our job, thank you all.”

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