Edgar Pons, Carlos Tatay, Jeremy Alcoba and Izan Guevara take wins at Barcelona

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Jeremy Alcoba in the FIM Moto3™ Junior World Championship, Edgar Pons in Moto2 and Izan Guevara in the European Talent Cup, lead their respective categories after the fourth round of the FIM CEV Repsol.

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Edgar Pons, Carlos Tatay, Jeremy Alcoba and Izan Guevara take wins at Barcelona

The first Moto3 race was interrupted in lap 3 by a red flag due to a crash. The second start led to a 10-lap race that was won by the Spanish rider Carlos Tatay, followed by the Belgian Barry Baltus and the Spaniard Jeremy Alcoba in third place, after receiving a 1.6-second penalty.

In the second race, victory went to Jeremy Alcoba, accompanied on the podium by Barry Baltus and Xavier Artigas. The three riders were separated by only 170 thousandths in a very close race. Thanks to this win, Alcoba takes the lead of the overall standings.

Edgar Pons dominated this round of the championship with a firm hand after winning the first race with an advantage of more than 3 seconds over the Spanish rider Héctor Garzó, second, and Italian Yari Montella, who took the last step of the podium.

In the second round, Pons’ dominion was even clearer, after winning with more than 9 seconds over Niki Tuuli and Tommaso Marcon. With this result, Edgar Pons strengthened his lead in the overall standings.

There was a spectacular duel in the European Talent Cup race -where the result was not decided until nearly the last corner of the race- between Izan Guevara and Fermín Aldeguer, which was finally won by the former. Behind them, Japan’s Daijiro Sako completed the top 3.

The next round of the FIM CEV Repsol will take place at the MotorLand Aragón circuit next July 14th.

Celebración en el pit lane
Celebración en el pit lane

Carlos Tatay – Moto3 race 1 winner

It was a difficult race due to the red flag, that’s why at the restart I did my best in the few laps and it went well. I can only thank my team for giving me a bike that was at 100%, to all the fans that came to see me and that always support me and make me grow as a person and as a rider.

Jeremy Alcoba – Moto3 race 2 winner

It was a bit more difficult than the first race, because the bike moved a little more. I kept following my board and when I saw that we were three riders I tried to change the pace in the end, and it went well. I’m very happy, I needed this win and I think it will be very important both for me and for the team. Now I want to win again.

Edgar Pons – Moto2 race 1 winner

I’m very happy with this race. At the beginning I was careful because after being some oil on the track, I didn’t know in which corners it was very slippery, but when I saw that the track was clean, after a couple of laps, I decided to push and was able to do some good times. That allowed me to build some distance over the riders that were behind me and when I saw I had a good advantage I took it a bit easier, thinking about the next race.

Edgar Pons – Moto2 race 2 winner

I’m very happy, these last few years have been a bit tough for me and these results are a good motivation for me. I want to thank my team because we’ve been working hard since I came here, in my riding style and with the bike. This second race has been harder than the first because it was hotter.

Izan Guevara – European Talent Cup race winner

It was a very difficult race, specially the duel with Fermin [Aldeguer]. When the tyres started to be worn, I had to reduce the pace a little and Fermin caught up with me, and we had an amazing battle until the very last lap. I want to dedicate this race to Andreas Pérez, who left us a year ago.

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