Double win for Granado and victories for Foggia, Melgar and González

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Two new wins for Eric Granado that place him as the only leader of the Moto2 European Championship. Dennis Foggia reinforces his lead of the Junior World Championship and Eduard Melgar and Manuel González share the victories of the European Talent Cup.

Eric Granado FIM CEV REPSOL Portugal
Double win for Granado and victories for Foggia, Melgar and González

Double win for Eric Granado after two duels with Ricky Cardus


Third consecutive victory for Dennis Foggia at the Junior World Championship of the FIM CEV Repsol, as he increases his advantage in the lead to 50 points.

Double win for Eric Granado after two duels with Ricky Cardus. In the first race, he won by seven tenths and in the second, he defended against an overtaking manoeuvre in the last lap, that finished with a crash for the Spanish rider.

This double win, the fourth consecutive victory for the Brazilian, allowed him to take the lead of the class on his own.

Eduard Melgar and Manuel Gonzalez achieved a victory each in the two races of the European Talent Cup, both decided by just thousandths of a second. With the two podiums he has achieved today, Gonzalez takes the lead of the Championship.


Dennis Foggia – Moto3 race winner

“I’m very happy with this race. It was very complicated due to the wind, but in the end, we were able to finish in first place. It’s a good amount of points for the championship. We’ll try to get another good result for the next race. It’s being a good year for now. I’d like to thank my team, my family and my fans”.


1. Dennis Foggia / KTM / 30:23.649
2. Kazuki Masaki / Honda / +0.147
3. Ai Ogura / Honda / +1.494
4. Jaume Masià / KTM/ +2.936
5. Yari Montella / Honda / +24.657


Eric Granado – Moto2 first race winner

“Honestly, this win was very different from the ones in Valencia. There was very high wind and we were four riders fighting for victory. It was a complicated weekend for me. Until yesterday, I was not able to set a good pace. I suffered in the straights and I had to take risks when braking, but I knew I had a good pace and that if I took the first position, I’d be able to get some advantage. I was able to do it a bit late, just two laps before then end, but it worked perfectly. Winning three races in a row is good for the championship and for the Estoril fans, as it is my second home”.


1. Eric Granado / Kalex / 30:59.948
2. Ricky Cardús / Kalex / +0.776
3. Steven Odendaal / Tech3 / +0.789
4. Lukas Tulovic / Suter/ +5.228
5. Héctor Garzó / Kalex/ +5.444


Eric Granado – Moto2 second race winner

“It was a very complicated race, harder than the first. It’s more difficult to set the pace when you are lading. I did my best to try and build some advantage, but I knew that Ricky [Cardus] had a slightly better pace and he’d catch me. When he was overtaking me, I saw that he was on the limit when braking, he went wide and I passed, although I knew he’d try again at the chicane. I closed the door and told myself “if he tries, both of us will be out”, and he tried. I was able to save the crash and finish in first. Winning the fourth race in a row is amazing.”


1. Eric Granado / Kalex / 31:01.977
2. Joe Roberts / Kalex / +4.480
3. Steven Odendaal / NTS / +4.480
4. Héctor Garzó / Tech3 / +7.588
5. Federico Fuligni/ Kalex / +22.032


Eduard Melgar – European Talent Cup first race winner

“It was a race more spontaneous than planned, as the strategy we had devised for sixteen laps had to change as we only did five laps. All riders had to do their best and that’s what I did: I gambled and I won. I’m very happy with this victory, the first I achieve at the FIM CEV Repsol”.


1. Eduard Melgar / Honda / 9:20.081
2. Manuel González / Honda / +0.041
3. Francisco Gómez / Honda / +0.309
4. Alejandro Díez / Honda / +0.340
5. Meykon Yuji Kawakami / Honda / +0.775

Manuel González – European Talent Cup second race winner

“I’m very happy with how the weekend went and specially for this race, as we worked a lot the whole year and it was our turn to win. The first race was crazy, there was a lot of overtaking and improvisation. In the second I was able to think more while on the bike; I tried to get out of the last corner to overtake Jespersen at the Finish Line”.


1. Manuel González / Honda/ 29:44.710
2. Simon Jespersen / Honda/ +0.051
3. Meikon Yuji Kawakami / Honda / +0.220
4. Alejandro Díez / Honda/ +0.303
5. Eduard Melgar / Honda / +8.026

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