Dalla Porta takes the lead of the Moto3 Junior World Championship

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Italian Lorenzo Dalla Porta wins both races in the smallest category of the FIM CEV Repsol in Barcelona. Cardus and Gardner win in Moto2 and Morales in Superbike.

Lorenzo Dalla Porta leading a race
Dalla Porta takes the lead of the Moto3 Junior World Championship

Dalla Porta takes the lead of the Moto3 Junior World Championship #Moto3


Intense racing Sunday in the fourth round of the year for the FIM CEV Repsol that took place today at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. In the smallest of the three categories, the Moto3 Junior World Championship, two victories by Lorenzo Dalla Porta despite two red flags –the first of them in the first lap of the first race and the second three laps before the end of the second race– allowed him to take the overall lead. In Moto2, Steven Odendaal confirmed his advantage in Moto2 despite the wins of Cardus and Gardner, taking advantage of Alan Techer’s injury in the first race of the day. In the Superbikes class, the win of the current Champion, Carmelo Morales, allowed him to reduce distance in the overall standings to Maximilian Scheib, who keeps the lead with an advantage of 6 points.

The next round of the FIM CEV Repsol will take place next July 3rd, at the Albacete Circuit.

Lorenzo Dalla Porta en acción

Lorenzo Dalla Porta Moto3 first race winner


“I’m very happy with this result. I had a very bad start of the race and in the first lap I think I was down to seventh. In the second lap I was able to improve and I could quickly get the first position. I started pushing to the max and was able to build some advantage over the rest and win the race. It’s a very positive result both for the team and for me and I thank them for all their support.”

Lorenzo Dalla Porta Moto3 second race winner

“The second race also went very well. I followed a similar strategy as in the first one, because I didn’t have a very good start, but I could take the lead very quickly. The temperature was higher and the track didn’t have so much grip, but I was able to push without taking too many risks, to avoid a crash that would have made us lose very valuable points. I took the win and I’m very happy, both for me and for my team, because we now lead the Championship with quite a big advantage. I thank them for their work and their support, together with my family and friends.”

Ricard Cardus Moto2 first race winner

“When we started this new project at the FIM CEV Repsol, we thought that we could be on top, but being such a different bike concept, we couldn’t be sure until we saw the times. Luckily, I have experience and determination, and I trained a lot during the winter and we didn’t stop working with the team, building my confidence in the bike and looking for a good pace to arrive here well prepared. In the race, it was a pity that Remy [Gardner] had technical issues, because I think Granado and I were catching up with him and it would’ve been a fun end of the race.”

Remy Gardner Moto2 second race winner

“The first race was disappointing, because I had a good start and the first laps went well, but I had a technical problem. In the second, I was again able to start well and set a good pace, which allowed me to build some advantage. I had a small problem with the gearshift in the first corner and I lost my advantage, so I had to focus to keep Ricky [Cardus] at bay. It was a tough race, specially the last 10 laps, but I’m very happy to have taken the win.”

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