A clean sweep for the Spanish riders at the FIM CEV Repsol

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Xavier Artigas in Moto3, Héctor Garzó and Edgar Pons in Moto2 and Izan Guevara -twice- in the European Talent Cup, monopolized the victories at the MotorLand Aragón World Championship track.

Podio del FIM CEV Repsol en MotorLand Aragón
A clean sweep for the Spanish riders at the FIM CEV Repsol

Xavier Artigas started his winning record in the FIM Moto3™ Junior World Championship after beating Jeremy Alcoba and his teammate, Davide Pizzoli, in a very close final in which the first four crossed the Finish line with a difference of only 93 thousandths.

The first Moto2 race was affected by the mixed conditions on track due to the rain that fell yesterday evening and this morning. A crash during the first lap stopped the race. In the restart, it was set to have 10 laps and was won by the Spanish rider Héctor Garzó, followed by Malaysia’s Daniel Kasmayudin and Miquel Pons, both starting their podium records in the championship.

In the afternoon, with the track already dry, the leader of the championship, Edgar Pons, was able to take his fourth win of the season. Héctor Garzó, second, and Niki Tuuli, third, took the rest of the podium places.

Victory for Izan Guevara in the first race of the European Talent Cup, after receiving a penalty (long lap), that forced him to fight back to get the first place in the end. Second place went to David Alonso and third for Alex Millán.

In the second race, Izan Guevara showed again why he is dominating the class by taking the win -fifth of this season– with a 13-thousand advantage over José Antonio Rueda. The third step of the podium was for David Alonso.

Once the fifth round of the calendar is finished, the FIM CEV Repsol will resume next September 29th at the Circuito de Jerez-Ángel Nieto.

Grupo de pilotos en carrera en MotorLand
Grupo de pilotos en carrera en MotorLand

Xavier Artigas – MOTO3 race winner

It was an amazing race and I was able to achieve my first win. We talked with the team about the strategy for the race and in the end it all went our way. I want to thank my sponsors, my family and the Leopard Impala Junior Team, that worked very well during the whole weekend.

Hécto Garzó – MOTO2 race 1 winner

It was a very difficult race to manage on wet tarmac, as you never know what can happen. My team prepared a perfect bike for this race, I fought until the end and I was able to overtake Kasmayudin. I’m very happy with the result..

Edgar Pons – MOTO2 race 2 winner

This morning [in the first race], it didn’t go very well. This afternoon we knew that we had better pace than the rest on dry tarmac, but with the rain that fell the track got dirty and I had an off, but I took it with calm. Héctor Garzó and I built some advantage and I was able to leave him behind by taking some risks. I’m very happy and I must thank my team. We need to keep working like this.

Izan Guevara – EUROPEAN TALENT CUP race 1 winner

It was a complicated race. I pushed at the beginning, but I couldn’t escape, and we had a group battle. 4 laps before the end I received a ‘long lap’ penalty and I pushed to the max to catch up with my rivals again. In the end I was able to win.

Izan Guevara – EUROPEAN TALENT CUP race 2 winner

It was a difficult race as I spent the whole time fighting with José Antonio Rueda. At the end of the race it was a lot of fun, with many overtakings and I was able to win in the last corner. I want to thank my team, my parents and my sponsors.

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