X-Trial: the indoor Trial World Championship kicks off in a paradisiacal setting

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Once again this year, Toni Bou will climb onto the saddle of his Honda Montesa COTA4RT motorcycle. On this occasion, the season kicks off on 16th November on the island of Réunion.

Toni Bou saludando en trial indoor
X-Trial: the indoor Trial World Championship kicks off in a paradisiacal setting

The Repsol Honda Team Trial rider is ready to take part in the 2020 X-Trial championship, which will kick off on 16th November. The rider from Piera already has 26 world championships under his belt and has made it to this year’s contest physically and mentally stronger than ever. The injuries he suffered the previous season have led him to explore new forms of riding, developing new techniques in a show of determination.

It would not be hyperbole to claim that Toni Bou is better than ever sports-wise, having walked away with the crown at the 2019 TrialGP World Championship in each and every competition. He showed absolute mastery over the motorcycle in the category that, predictably, could continue in his now imminent participation in the X-Trial championship.

Toni bou en X-trial Marsella 2019
Toni bou en X-trial Marsella 2019

Réunion is a French overseas department located near Madagascar. This will be the first time that this territory within the Schengen area hosts an X-Trial World Championship.

You can check out the X-Trial calendar and standings and keep up with all the latest about your favourite riders on our portal.

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