Toni Bou won and reinforced his lead

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Second win of the outdoor season for the Repsol Honda rider, with Takahisa Fujinami celebrating his 300th race in the World Championship with a new podium. Jaime Busto finished sixth.

Toni Bou preparado para saltar en recorrido de trial
Toni Bou won and reinforced his lead

Takahisa Fujinami celebrated his 300th race in the Trial World Championship #Motegi


After the second position he achieved yesterday, Toni Bou took today the highest step of the podium after the second day of the Japan Grand Prix. The Repsol Honda Team rider felt more comfortable than yesterday, benefited by the easier zones that were modified due to the rain that fell last night and achieved a victory that gives him 74 points, with an advantage of 5 in the overall Trial World Championship classification.

Takahisa Fujinami, who today celebrated his 300th race in the Trial World Championship repeated on the podium after a good performance that saw him fighting for the second place and placed him fourth in the World Championship overall standings with 50 points. Jaime Busto closed the Japan Grand Prix in sixth place.

The next round of the calendar will be in the Spanish Championship, next May 15th in Guadalajara.


Toni Bou

“I’m very happy about how the Japan Grand Prix went. Tonight it rained and that changed some zones, which were a bit easier. I also improved physically. I realized I feel better during the second day of competition and we’ll need to take that into account, because I don’t feel so much pain on my shoulder. Today’s victory is very important and, as things are going this last month, I’m very happy to be in the lead of the overall standings with a 5-point advantage.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“I’m very happy to be able to celebrate my 300 race in the World Championship with another third position. It’s fantastic. Today’s third place is very different than that of yesterday, because today I have been fighting for the second place with Adam [Raga] until the end. Yesterday I might have been a bit unfocused, but today I felt very strong again. I’m very happy about how things went and with this podium I’d like to remember that I couldn’t have arrived here alone. I must thank the public, my fans, the sponsors, the team and Honda, because this success is very important for me.”

Jaime Busto

“Yesterday I went to sleep convinced that today would be much better, but I will leave with a very different feeling. Today I started well, but then I failed in two zones and the day didn’t go well for me. I need to train more and fail less. With the changes done since yesterday, maybe the zones were easier and that didn’t allow to recover from the mistakes. We’ll work hard to do it better in the next one.”

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