Toni Bou victory and Jaime Busto on the podium in Sigüenza

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Victory by the Repsol Honda Team rider in Sigüenza, feeling more recovered from his injury to his right shoulder, he was joined on the podium by his teammate, Jaime Busto

Toni Bou going up a mud slope
Toni Bou victory and Jaime Busto on the podium in Sigüenza

Victory and Jaime Busto on the podium in Sigüenza #CampeonatoEspañaTrial


Toni Bou won again in the second Spanish Trial Championship, reaffirming his spot in the competition’s overall standings after two victories in two races. Still recovering from his injury to his right shoulder, Bou had the highest score in his two passes through the scored sections securing the win over Adam Raga and Jaime Busto. The young Basque confirmed he was moving on after the Majorca Trial and brought a great finish to the Repsol Honda Team.

The next race for both will be in two weeks in Germany, the third World Championship race. After that, they will race again in the Spanish Championship in León on the 25th of June.

Toni Bou y Jaime Busto examinando una zona de trial

Toni Bou

“It was a hard trial for me because with my injury we were even considering not racing here. It was progressing well and I wanted to test myself. I pushed myself and now I have to get back in the mindset for the race in Germany, but here it went well. I’m happy with how I raced despite the mistakes I made which I could fix in the second pass.”

Jaime Busto

“I’m happy I was able to uncork the bottle of cava in Sigüenza after how poorly I raced in Majorca. Today I didn’t have a very strong first lap, but I made up for it on the second pass because I felt really comfortable with the bike despite how difficult the sections were. The race’s elevation didn’t help either, but I’m satisfied with the result.”


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