Toni Bou takes his tenth win in Barcelona and recovers the lead

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The Repsol Honda Team rider returns to his winning ways and takes the lead of the overall standing tied in points with Raga. Fujinami was fifth and Busto, eighth.

Toni Bou haciendo trial en indoor
Toni Bou takes his tenth win in Barcelona and recovers the lead

Bou takes his tenth win in Barcelona and recovers the lead! #Trial


An important triumph

The Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona saw again Toni Bou on the first step of the podium, the tenth win in this venue. An important triumph for the several times champion after the second place he got in the first round of the World Championship, which allowed him to recover the lead in such a short competition, that has only two more rounds. Takahisa Fujinami just missed the finale and ended fifth, while Jaime Busto was eighth.

Toni Bou did not give any chance to his rivals and made his intentions clear when he qualified for the grand finale being the only rider to set 0 penalty points in the first lap. In the decisive phase, the Repsol Honda Team rider kept the distance in an exciting duel with Adam Raga over the demanding route of the Barcelona Trial. Zones with high difficulty that forced the Repsol rider to recover from a 3 metre fall in zone 5, an obstacle that no rider was able to finish.

His team mates at the Repsol Honda Team, Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto, were not able to get into the finale. Although he improved his performance from last year, the 22 points gathered by the Basque rider left him out of the decisive lap, and finished the trial in eighth. Takahisa Fujinami was left out of the second lap by only one point behind Jeroni Fajardo, taking the fifth overall position.


Toni Bou, 1st, 10 points

“I’m very happy with this result, because the Barcelona race is always very important for me. Furthermore, after the second place in Sheffield and in such a short championship, it’s difficult to get here and not being nervous. In the first lap I felt more comfortable than in the second, where I started well and could set the difference in zone 3, taking some risks. But then I had a problem in zone 5, which I think I could’ve been able to pass. It was a difficult victory and I was very nervous, but I’m satisfied with this result for the championship.”

Takahisa Fujinami, 5th, 13 points

“I couldn’t qualify for the finale by just one point. It was a pity, but we’re working well with Honda and I think we’re on the right path and in the next Indoor round we’ll be close. We started the year further away in the first race and this time I just missed the final by one point, so I hope to be in the finale in the next race.”

Jaime Busto, 8th, 22 points

“I started today’s round well, but I was a bit nervous and made more mistakes than I should. I think I could have done better without those mistakes, which were in easy zones where I shouldn’t have got 5 points. But we’ll keep working hard for the next round.”

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