Toni Bou takes another two victories

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The Repsol Honda Team rider won both days of the Andorra Grand Prix that took place this weekend. Takahisa Fujinami got another podium and Jaime Busto two fourth places.

Toni Bou climbing a rock on the bike
Toni Bou takes another two victories

Toni Bou takes another two victories #TrialdeAndorra


Andorra held today a weekend with a double round of the Trial World Championship, in which Toni Bou was once again the main protagonist. The Repsol Honda Team rider took the two available wins of the Grand Prix, increasing his advantage in the lead of the Championship to 17 points.

His team mates had mixed fortunes during the weekend. While yesterday it was Takahisa Fujinami who got on the podium and left Jaime Busto in fourth position, today it was the Basque rider who repeated the same place and saw Fujinami in sixth position. A result that keeps the Japanese rider of the Repsol Honda Team in the third place of the World Championship, while Busto holds the fourth.

The next meeting for the Repsol Honda Team in Trial will be next weekend in France, where another two races of the World Championship will be held.

Takahisa Fujinami subiendo a una roca con la moto

Toni Bou

“I’m very happy for this perfect weekend. We wanted to win here after last year’s race. Being able to do it both days was very positive. Yesterday, the zones were more complicated, and today, on dry surface, there were very few points. It was a very positive weekend for the Championship. Adam [Raga] is very strong and always makes it difficult here, in Andorra. We worked a lot and I must thank the team for all their help to take a step forward in the Championship. We need to keep our focus and try to continue in this line. I feel much better, physically.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“The podium we achieved yesterday was very important. The last few months we’ve been working a lot and I think this is the result of that job. The bike worked very well and the three Repsol Honda were fighting for the podium. Today I started quite well and had few points, but at the end of the first lap I had little time and I got nervous and failed in the last zone, which was very easy. In the second lap I did better, but the surface was drier and my rivals didn’t fail. Overall, I’m satisfied of how the bike worked. The team did a great job and I must thank them. It’s mid-season, I’m third and I’m very happy.”

Jaime Busto  

“Yesterday I didn’t have a good start, but I improved as the race went by. In the second lap I did well in some zones, but in the last one I stopped for a bit and I was penalized with 5 points… I missed the podium for just 2 points. Today I started very badly, as I made several mistakes from the beginning. Later I could have several consecutive zeroes, which cheered me up quite a bit. I made some mistake, but I finished with a very good feeling and with more zeroes. I’m happy and I’m confident that the podium we’re looking for will arrive.”

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