Toni Bou starts the World Championship with a victory in Camprodón

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The Repsol Honda Team rider secures the win at a Spanish Grand Prix affected by the rain. Fujinami and Busto finished fifth and seventh, respectively.

Toni Bou starts the World Championship with a victory in Camprodón

·@tonibou_oficial: ” This place is a paradise for trial”


It is Toni Bou’s 90th win at the Outdoor World Championship.

This Championship starts with a new competitive format, with a timed Qualifying in which yesterday Fujinami finished fourteenth, Bou was second and Busto first.

The rain made several appearances during the day, creating difficulties in some zones, where the participants found a lot of mud.

Tonib bou haciendo trial

Toni Bou

“The first race of the year is always complicated, because there are a lot of nerves and a lot of pressure. This place is a paradise for trial, but it’s not the type of race that suits me the best – as I always have difficulties with mud – although I think I did quite well. It was a tough race, I think the rain hindered us, but I’m happy with this win, because it was the best way to start. Adam [Raga] is pushing, as always, he’s a tough rival and I think it will be a difficult season for everyone.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“It was a difficult trial. It was tough from the beginning, as I started out among the first riders after yesterday’s qualifying round. In the first lap I was eighth, fighting for points, but at the start of the second lap it started to rain heavily and that made everything much more difficult, with little time to complete the race. Anyway, I’m satisfied that I could finish in front, just one point away from the fourth. It’s a good motivation for the next GP in Japan.”

Jaime busto

“After the good day I had yesterday, today it had to be better in theory, but after the riders’ pass, the stones were very slippery. It started to rain and, although I don’t think I did badly in the first lap, in the second I had several consecutive mistakes. I hope it goes better in Japan”.

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