Toni Bou starts out the Spanish Championship with a victory

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It was a great start for the Repsol Honda rider in the 2016 National Trials Championship, where he finished with the victory. Jaime Busto came in fifth.

Toni Bou sorteando obstáculo en Trial outdoor
Toni Bou starts out the Spanish Championship with a victory

Toni Bou is now the leader of the national competition #Repsolteam


Leader of the competition

The 2016 Spanish Trials Championship kicked off today in the town of Sant Joan in Majorca with a victory for Toni Bou. The several-time champion beat his rivals in a demanding race, which was made even more difficult by rain the day before. The event organisers decided to change the sections, but even then the riders could not complete the first part of the race because of the hazardous conditions in one of the passes.

Toni Bou was able to take advantage of his starting position, after drawing third, to keep his main rivals in check. The Repsol Honda rider was able to quickly improve on the points scored previously by other competitors, placing himself in front early. He held onto this position until the end of the last of the race’s twelve sections. In this way, the rider from Piera started out the National Trials Championship with a victory and is now the leader of the competition.

His teammate on the Repsol Honda team, Jaime Busto, has improved on how he felt racing with respect to last season. The Basque rider, who was up for the challenge on the complicated terrain, finished only three points away from the podium. The mistakes he made in the last lap of the race pushed him back to fifth place in the end.

The second race in the Spanish Trials Championship will take place on Sunday May 15th in Sigüenza, Guadalajara. However, before that, the Repsol Honda team will participate in the third round of the FIM X-Trials Championship, which will be held in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where Toni Bou will also be the competition leader.

Jaime Busto over some rocks

Toni Bou 1st – 15 points

“Obviously, I’m much happier with this year’s results here in Majorca, than I was with last year’s, since starting out the Spanish Championship with a win is very important. We also had a lot of problems with the weather. It was a very difficult race because of the rain and the mud, because it altered the sections and we needed a lot of time to try to get through the obstacles without making mistakes.”

Jaime Busto 5th – 38 points


“Today I’m not very happy with how the race went. It was a strange trial, with lots of stops and I wasn’t very comfortable with that pace. Even so, I think that I did quite well and was in the right place to finish on the podium, but that last section threw me off and I picked up the ten points that kept me off the podium. It was a shame.”

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