Toni Bou renews Repsol Honda Team contract for further three years

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The 28-time Trial World Champion will continue with the Repsol Honda Team until 2024, reaching 18 seasons together.

Toni Bouwith his Montesa Cota
Toni Bou renews Repsol Honda Team contract for further three years

Toni Bou and the Repsol Honda team began their relationship in 2007 and, since then, they have been unbeatable in both the Trial World Championship and the X-Trial World Championship. During the last fourteen years, the most successful collaboration in the history of Trial competition have won 28 world titles -14 indoor and 14 outdoor-, with 118 outdoor race victories and 67 indoor wins.

Bou and the Repsol Honda Team’s latest contract extension will take the Spaniard into his 18th season with the team.

Toni Bou jumping with the bike in TrialGP

Toni Bou climbing some rocks in TrialGP

Toni Bou Celebrating a victory in TrialGP

Toni Bou in the box with his team

Toni Bou jumping with his bike in X-Trial

Toni Bou with his bike in X-Trial

Toni Bouin the podium celebrating a victory in X-Trial

Toni Bou

“I’m very happy about this news. I have to thank the Repsol Honda Team for their trust in me. It’s a great team and a fantastic collaboration, through which we have achieved so much success; In difficult moments like these, it makes me proud that they are showing their trust in me. Renewing for three more years is a reward for my good career and also for the work we have done during all these years together. I hope I can stay here for many more years; it is my home and it is where I feel most comfortable.”.

Yoshishige Nomura

“I am pleased that Toni Bou will continue to compete with the Repsol Honda Team next year and for the following two years. Winning 28 championships in a row is an amazing achievement. He has had to fight against injuries at times, but he has overcome these challenges – a display of his unmatched determination to win the title. Maintaining his talent and his mental and physical condition at its highest level is also not an easy task. and I would like to thank him sincerely. HRC will continue to provide him with the best bike and team to help him keep winning.”

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