Toni Bou keeps improving his track record

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The Repsol Honda Team rider, fifth in Paris, took his twelfth X-Trial World Championship in a round in which Takahisa Fujinami was able to finish on the podium.

foto de equipo con toni bou celebrando su 23º título mundial
Toni Bou keeps improving his track record

to win the championship on the bike is very important, and we have done it after this special season


Toni Bou

Toni Bou was crowned yesterday X-Trial World Champion for the twelfth time in his career, achieving his twenty third consecutive title in the discipline, if we add the eleven outdoor titles. The Repsol Honda Team rider knew he was Champion just before starting the competition in Paris, when the round that had to replace the one in Seville was definitely cancelled and when there is still one last round left, on March 29th in Budapest.

Despite not being completely recovered from the injury he sustained last February 18th at Le Mans, the Repsol Honda Team rider wanted to be on his bike for the round in the French capital city. He was first in Qualifying, but in the semi-final, he suffered due to his back injury and finished the round in fifth.

His team mate, Takahisa Fujinami, got his best result of the season. The Japanese rider of the Repsol Honda Team achieved his aim of entering the semi-finals and took the third overall position.

Toni Bou

“I am very happy today, because this last month has been very complicated for us. We didn’t know how the calendar would be and until the last moment we didn’t know if we could win the championship before competing here, in Paris. In the first round I was able to ride quite well and make the best performance. After the break between the first and second round I wanted to control the pain, but when I started to ride I saw that it was not possible to be competitive and I wanted to keep it, not hurting myself, which is important. For me, to win the championship on the bike is very important, and we have done it after this special season.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“Today I felt very comfortable and I took it section by section without thinking about the final result. I couldn’t make it into the final, but for me to make the podium is a very good result. Also, doing it the day Toni Bou wins his 12th title gives me great pride. I am very pleased and very proud of the Repsol Honda Team.”

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