Toni Bou started a new X-Trial World Championship with a win

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The Repsol Honda Team rider won in France in the first round of the X-Trial World Championship, that has new rules and will have eight rounds in total.

Toni Bou con trofeo en podio Indoor
Toni Bou started a new X-Trial World Championship with a win

It is important to start with a victory and with good sensations.


Toni Bou

The 2018 X-Trial World Championship just started and it was with another victory for Toni Bou. It was yesterday evening, at Vendée, France, in a round that saw the debut of a new set of rules that divide the race in three phases and where the Repsol rider won all three phases.

In the Qualifying, with 6 zones, Bou was the only one to receive a penalty of 1 point and joined James Dabill and Benoit Bincaz for the second part, which he finished again in first position. In the finale, the Repsol Honda rider fought against his former team mate, Jaime Busto, and he beat him to start the championship with the 20 points awarded in the overall standings for the winner.

The next round of the X-Trial World Championship will be in 2018, on Saturday January 13th  in Montpellier, France.


Toni Bou

“We’ve just started a new season and we knew we’d have to fight, even more when we saw the zones, which were very easy. Jaime [Busto] pushed a lot more than we though, he did a very good lap and in the end, he was a good rival. I think that I didn’t make mistakes, apart from the logical ones and, if it goes on like this, the championship will be very close. It’s important to start with a win and with good feelings. Now we’ll rest a little and we’ll continue with the pre-season, that we didn’t finish yet.”

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