Toni Bou closes the X-Trial World Championship with another victory

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The Repsol Honda Team rider celebrated his 2019 X-Trial title in Andorra with his fifth win of the season. Takahisa Fujinami finished in fifth place.

Toni Bou en X-trial
Toni Bou closes the X-Trial World Championship with another victory

Since the first round, Toni Bou showed his best form and was the only one able to go through the five areas without taking a single penalty point.

In the semi-final, the Repsol Honda Team rider received only one point and qualified for the final, where he again received only one penalty point –ten less than his rival, Adam Raga– securing his fourth consecutive win of the season, his fifth victory in six rounds.

His team mate at the Repsol Honda Team, Takahisa Fujinami, ended in fifth in the first round, but was not able to get through his semi-final, where he competed against Toni Bou and Jorge Casales. He finished the race in fifth position.

Takahisa Fujinami Fujigas
Takahisa Fujinami Fujigas

X-Trial Andorra 2019 – Rider’s statements

Toni Bou

It was a difficult race for me with the pressure of competing at home, but I’m very excited to win. In my first year as a resident in Andorra I lost both outdoor races, so I had this one outstanding. The trial was pretty easy, so we had to concentrate to not make any mistakes.

I performed well throughout the event, riding great confidence. I am very happy as I think we managed to find the physical point that I had been lacking. Finishing the championship with five out of six possible victories is spectacular.

Takahisa Fujinami

After the trial in Barcelona I did not go back to indoor training so I am very happy with my riding. I feel very well physically. This trial has motivated me for the outdoor season which is just about to begin.

Many people have asked me if this was my last indoor race. This I will have to decide, and today, with the fifth place I think I can still do well here, right?

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