Toni Bou achieved his 50th Victory at the X-Trial World Championship

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The Repsol Honda Team rider took in Austria his second win of the season, with Takahisa Fujinami in sixth place.

Toni bou with trophy
Toni Bou achieved his 50th Victory at the X-Trial World Championship

·@tonibou_oficial: “I’m satisfied with the job we’ve been doing”


The Arena Nova of Wiener Neustadt, an Austrian city located 45 kilometres from Vienna, was the scene of Toni Bou’s second win in the second round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship. It was also the 50th indoor victory of the Repsol Honda Team rider. His team mate, Takahisa Fujinami, was not able to get to the finale and repeated the result he achieved in Barcelona –sixth–.

Bou led the qualifying, taking the least points of the 8 participating riders, and during the finale he beat his three rivals by making a difference in the first zone, as he was the only one to finish it. The Repsol Honda Team rider sealed his triumph in the penultimate obstacle, as he was again the only one to finish the zone, thus ending the round with an advantage of more than ten points over the second. With this win, Bou reinforces his lead of the World Championship with 40 points, 10 more than the second placed.

His team mate, Takahisa Fujinami, finished once again very close to the finale –he finished the Qualifying with 18 points, 5 behind the fourth– and ended in sixth position.

The third race of the championship will take place on Saturday, March 25th, in Marseille, France.

Takahisa Fujinami saltando sobre obstáculo

Toni Bou

“It went very well. We knew that we couldn’t make mistakes and kept the focus during the whole round. I even think I could have done better, as I made some small mistake at the end. I could have secured it in zone 2, but I was able to finish zone 3 with a complicated technical move that allowed us to make a difference. Next weekend we have the Spanish Championship and then we’ll have two finals… They will also be two races in which we won’t be able to relax, but I’m satisfied with the job we’ve been doing.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“If we look at the Qualifying, the result is the same I achieved in Barcelona, but I think that in this race I was more confident and I did it a bit better, so I’m satisfied. The zones were difficult and technical and, if I had finished one zone, I would have been in the finale. I didn’t want the fifth or the fourth, I wanted more, but I think we’re not very far from getting it. That is why I’m not disappointed.”

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