Third consecutive victory for Toni Bou

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The Repsol Honda Team rider achieved yesterday his third win in the third round of the X-Trial World Championship. Busto finished fourth just ahead of Fujinami, fifth

Toni Bou on Podium with Ragga and Cabestany
Third consecutive victory for Toni Bou

·@jaimebusto: “I’m happy, to be honest. Today it went much better than the other indoors”


Third in the Qualifying lap, Bou set a zero in the second obstacle in the final lap, where his rivals received five points, and was able to keep his advantage until the end.

It was the third victory for the Repsol Honda Team rider after the three rounds of the X-Trial World Championship current edition – the seventh consecutive win –, which keeps him in the lead with 60 points, 15 ahead the second-placed Adam Raga.

Jaime Busto finished fourth in the Qualifying and reached the finale, which he finished again in fourth place, his best ever result in this Championship.

Takahisa Fujinami qualified in fourth place, just out of the finale.

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Toni Bou

We suffered a bit. I finished third in the Qualifying and I had to win the races to be the last on track in the finale. I kept my focus and in the second zone I achieved an advantage over my rivals that was decisive. There was no room for mistakes and I was lucky to be able to win before finishing the trial, because the failure in the last zone was then just an anecdote. We can’t fail in trials with so few zones. Now there is only Nice left, and we will need to be completely focused in order to secure the eleventh title

Takahisa Fujinami

I expected more from this race. I finished fifth and couldn’t go to the finale. The zones were very difficult and didn’t allow any mistake. Jaime [Busto] did well and then the pressure was on me. I wanted to improve his score, I wanted to go to the finale, but trying to get a zero I had a complete failure. The tie with Jeroni [Fajardo] forced us to decide the 5th place in the speed area and I won. Now I want to congratulate Toni [Bou] and Jaime for their good job.

Jaime Busto

I’m happy, to be honest. Today it went much better than the other indoors I did and it was a pity that I made a small mistake in the finale – I used the wrong gear-. Despite that, the result is good. I’d like to participate in more indoor rounds to have more chances, so I hope to do a good season this year so that I can qualify directly for the next one.

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