The Repsol Honda Team is unstoppable in the 2017 Trial World Championship

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After six races, we’re already halfway through the 2017 FIM Outdoor Trial World Championship. This year, the Repsol Honda Team is getting great results under the leadership of the tireless Toni Bou, who is in first place with an 23-point-lead over the current second-place rider.

Equipo Repsol Honda de Trial 2017 al completo
The Repsol Honda Team is unstoppable in the 2017 Trial World Championship

What do these upcoming races hold in store for us? With a team like this one, anything’s possible!


Spanish GP

Pep Segales

The World Championship kicked off in Campodrón, where Toni Bou secured his 90th victory in the Outdoor category. The race proved complicated, hindered by mud and rain, but the rider from Piera faced up to these adverse circumstances and stepped on to the top of the podium.

Toni Bou: “This place is a Trial paradise, but this is not the type of race I do best in as the mud always gives me a hard time. All in all, I think I’ve done well, though”.

Japanese GP


Motegi is a very important place for the Repsol Honda Team as it was built by the Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer. It is also special for Fujinami, as it is always exciting to race back home. Our most veteran rider always gives his all in this round and reached the podium this year in his first race. He shared the podium with Toni, who once again won the two races that make up the round, closing the beginning of the season with an impeccable finish.

Fujinami: “I am happy with how the weekend went, to have raced in Japan once again, and with the fans, who cheered me on non-stop from section 1 to 15. I am very grateful to all of them.”

Andorra GP


This was a very special race for Jaime Busto, setting a landmark in his career: nothing short of his first podium. The Basque rider also came close to winning the race. Toni joined him on the podium, as expected.

Jaime Busto: “I am very happy about my first podium finish in the World Championship. Last year, I came very close”.

French GP

The rain and mud made another appearance in the championship during this round. This, however, did not hold our riders back. Toni secured an undeniable victory and Busto a podium finish. Fujinama also fared well, finishing fourth.

Toni Bou: “I also want to congratulate Jaime Busto for joining me on the podium. His performance is incredible and I knew we’d be seeing these good results. It’s been a very good weekend and I am happy about how everything went”.

United Kingdom GP


With Toni Bou’s victory and a second place for Fujinami, we secured an unforgettable double win for the team. With a sensation similar to what Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa offered us in the Spanish and Americas GP, the Trial riders treated us to a day of celebration.

Fujimami: “I am very happy about this podium finish, the double win, and coming in third in the championship. I trained a lot for this race and I have to thank the team for the work it has done here”.



Toni’s double win secures his position as leader in the world championship, and Jaime’s double podium puts him in third place. At this last event the Repsol Honda Team has positioned three of it’s riders among the top four in the standings, dominating the championship.

Jaime Busto: “It’s a big result for the championship. The aim is to try and finish third, doing well in the next two races”

Now, our riders are training hard for the next round in the Czech Republic. What do these upcoming races hold in store for us? Will we witness Jaime’s much-awaited first victory? Will Fuji finish in one of the top three positions as he did last year? Will Toni secure his 22nd world championship title? With a team like this one, anything’s possible!

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