How are our riders coping with the quarantine?

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Our riders tell us how they’re spending the quarantine at home like the rest of us. At Box Repsol, we invite you to catch a glimpse of their day-to-day life during the quarantine.

Juan Velarde, Toni Bou, Cástor Fantoba y Takahisa Fujinami
How are our riders coping with the quarantine?

Toni Bou tells us all about it, and he’s also got a message for us!

Nutrition is key! It’s not Karlos Arguiñano, it’s Juan Velarde who’s going to tell you all about his “quarantine diet

With good weather, and with bad, in the yard, or inside home… #Fujigas has a plan for every situation

No doubt about it! As soon as this lockdown is over, Castor Fantoba CastorFantoba knows what he’ll do and where he’ll go. What’s your guess?

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