Repsol Honda Team sets its sights on ten straight titles

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History will be in the making this weekend for Repsol Honda Team as the FIM Trial World Championship season kicks off. The team spearheaded by Toni Bou will be gunning for a tenth consecutive outdoor title.

Takahisa Fujinami climbing some rocks
Repsol Honda Team sets its sights on ten straight titles

Toni Bou is all set to face the first of this season’s eight trial #Trial


Toni Bou is all set to face the first of this season’s eight trials that should lead towards the ultimate goal of a tenth consecutive world championship crown. The Repsol team star has also dominated the world stage of indoor trial for a full decade now. Indeed, it was just ten days ago that a euphoric Bou flaunted ten raised fingers to a jubilant crowd in Marseille, an image that the Spaniard will be looking to repeat come season’s end.

The winning spell started for Repsol Honda Team back in 2007 and since then the squad has heaped title on title until every record in the annals of world motorcycling history has been broken. 2016 should be no different for the Montesa Cota 4RT riders who hope to add to the already lengthy honours list

Toni Bou looking at a trial zone

Toni Bou

This year the start of the championship will be very different from other years as I’m not in top shape and I don’t know what type of physical condition I will be in until I get onto the bike in Olvan and Cal Rosal. Only then will I know what sort of state the injury is in and if the week’s rest has done any good. I have kept in shape in the gym without forcing the upper body, but I always like to prepare the trial very well and this time I haven’t been able to do it. On Friday we will see how things are, but I’m sure that if I get on the bike, I’ll do it without nerves, conscious of the fact that I’m not at 100%, but ready to face the World Championship. I will try and make the most of it, so we’ll have to see which decisions have to be made before and after the trial.

Takahisa Fujinami

My aim this season is to finish the championship in the top three. To do this it will be important not only to fight hard, but also to get on to the podium at the end of each event. I think that one of the advantages that I have over the others is that I have no pressure on me. I’m in better physical shape than in the last three years and that is why I will give it my all in these races. I have trained really hard and I’m convinced about my possibilities.This Catalonian GP is almost like playing at home, although we will be visiting ‘my home’ in the next GP. I have a lot of friends here and I know that there will be a lot friends here to support me. I hope to make everyone happy.

Jaime Busto

I can’t wait to get going in the new world championship and I think that I’m going to do much better than last year in all senses: I feel a lot more at ease on the bike and I also know what mistakes I made in the last world championship, so I will try and improve on that. There is no pressure on me. Last year I came very close to the podium, so this year my objective is to get onto it. I have my rivals who will make it difficult, but I’m very single-minded.

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