Repsol and Honda renew Trial team partnership

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The two companies, who have won 36 world titles since beginning their journey together in 2004, extend their agreement for another season.

El equipo Repsol Honda de Trial
Repsol and Honda renew Trial team partnership

Repsol and Honda have extended their collaboration agreement in the Trial World Championship through to the end of 2022. The alliance will thus reach its 19th year, having begun in 2004 and produced 36 world titles to date, through Toni Bou, Takahisa Fujinami and Laia Sanz.

One of the most recognisable partnerships in international motorsport competitions, Repsol and Honda first came together in 1995 in the Motorcycle World Championship. In their first season in Trial competition, riders Takahisa Fujinami and Dougie Lampkin took the title and the runner-up spot, respectively. In addition, Laia Sanz won the women’s series. Since then, bolstered by the arrival of Toni Bou onto the team in 2007, Repsol Honda have achieved 36 titles, a staggering milestone in the history of the sport.

In addition, in recent years the Repsol Technology Lab research centre has supplied the Trial team with fuel each season. Approved by the FIM, it is formulated and manufactured in the Fuel Blending section of the Tech Lab itself, located in Móstoles (Madrid).

Furthermore, during recent years the Repsol Technology Lab research centre has provided the team with fuel each season. The fuel, approved by the FIM, is formulated and manufactured in the Blending Department of the Tech Lab, located in Móstoles (Madrid). Once the fuel is prepared, it is sent to Honda for its distribution to each discipline, implementing a logistical system that ensures, among other aspects, traceability and confidentiality.

World Championship Titles: 36

2004 Outdoor: Takahisa Fujinami
2004: Laia Sanz
2005: Laia Sanz
2006: Laia Sanz
2007: Indoor: Toni Bou
2007: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2008: Indoor: Toni Bou
2008: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2008: Laia Sanz
2009: Indoor: Toni Bou
2009: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2009: Laia Sanz
2010: Indoor: Toni Bou
2010: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2010: Laia Sanz
2011: Indoor: Toni Bou
2011: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2011: Laia Sanz
2012: Indoor: Toni Bou
2012: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2013: Indoor: Toni Bou
2013: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2014: Indoor: Toni Bou
2014: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2015: Indoor: Toni Bou
2015: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2016: Indoor: Toni Bou
2016: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2017: Indoor: Toni Bou
2017: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2018: Indoor: Toni Bou
2018: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2019: Indoor: Toni Bou
2019: Outdoor: Toni Bou
2020: Indoor: Toni Bou
2020: Outdoor: Toni Bou

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