Fujinami “I have done speed training with Dani Pedrosa and Sete Gibernau. They are two amazing teachers”

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Takahisa Fujinami has been on the Repsol Honda Trial Team for over a decade. World Champion in 2004, he continues to compete in the most demanding classes of the sport. With third place in the 2016 World Championship, “Fujigas” is working this year to reach the podium against very challenging rivals.

Dani Pedrosa, Sete Gibernau y Takahisa Fujinami
Fujinami “I have done speed training with Dani Pedrosa and Sete Gibernau. They are two amazing teachers”

When I started I focused more on races than on results. Now I try to look for points without taking as many risks



You’re being very regular this season so far and you came in third place last year. Do you think you can improve your performance this season?

I think improving my performance this season is going to be difficult because that means doing better than Toni, which is almost impossible. Adam is also very strong. As for third place, there are a number of very similar riders and all of us are fighting to get on the podium, no easy feat. Like last year, I will do everything I can to claim a victory. We also need to remember that this year there are fewer races than last season, and that makes getting good results more complicated as there’s less room for error. I am at the same level as last year and I can achieve great results.

How is your bike this season? Is it responding well?

My bike this year isn’t hugely different from the one I had last season and it is performing very well because it keeps getting more and more powerful, and it’s also very stable. The Montesa Cota 4RT is the best bike without a doubt, and Honda is working very hard to make it even better.

Which of the coming tests do you think will be the most decisive for you? Which do think you’ll enjoy most?

We have already raced in Japan and it was the most special race since, when I’m there, I’m racing at home. There is more pressure, but it’s also exciting to have the fans’ support. In the end, the effort was worth it as I made it onto the podium. Another very special race will be the one in France where I won last year, and this year I’ll try to do the same.

Xrial , Marseille , 2017 , Takahisa , Fujunami

You’ve had a great race at the Japanese GP. What’s it like to compete in your home country?

The Japanese GP is the most special for many riders, especially for me. Family, sponsors, fans, they all come to see me. There is pressure, but it is also exciting that the Trial Championship has an event in my country.

Is there a large Trial fanbase in Japan?

It’s getting larger and larger. A few years ago it was huge and then there was a bit of a slump. Now there are more people who like the sport. Perhaps they don’t do a lot of Trial themselves, or not at a very high level, but they do like to watch it.

What kind of training are you going to do for the rest of the season to achieve your goal?

During the pre-season I really focus on going to the gym. However, now that the World Championship has started, we train with the motorbike and bike as well. I probably spend more time in the gym than on the motorbike. The Repsol Honda Team riders sometimes try to train together. It’s great to ride with Toni Bou and Jaime Busto to share form and technique. It is a great way to improve as a team and it’s something we wouldn’t be able to do working alone.

We’ve seen Dani and Marc ride Trial bikes on occasion. Would you like to race in a MotoGP?

I have ridden all of the bikes from the 125cc to the MotoGP, including the 250cc, 500cc, and the Superbike. It’s a completely different experience. Not long ago, I was doing speed training with Dani and Sete, two amazing teachers. I learned a lot and I would like to do it again!


How has “Fujigas” changed as a rider during all these years?

Perhaps I am a bit calmer than before, when I didn’t think much about how to do things or take on obstacles. When I started I focused more on races than on results. Now I try to look for points without taking as many risks because sometimes the price you pay can be failure.

We know you are very active on social media. Do you believe it is a good way to grow the Trial fanbase among younger generations?

Absolutely. Trial isn’t on TV and it doesn’t have such a large audience as MotoGP, so if we post videos or information about Trial on our profiles people will be able to see it and know a lot more about what we do.

Speaking of younger generations, how far do you think your colleague Jaime Busto will go as a rider?

Jaime has great things going on. I think, like Toni, that Jaime will be the next world champion. There are other riders, but Jaime is on the best team, the Repsol Honda Team, and he has two teammates who help him to improve every day! He couldn’t be on a better team!

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