Double for Toni Bou in Germany

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Repsol Honda rider Toni Bou wins on both days of Trial of Germany at Gefrees. Teammates Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto move up in the overall standings after both just miss out on the podium.

Toni Bou en prueba de trial
Double for Toni Bou in Germany

Toni Bou wins on both days of Trial of Germany at Gefrees


Toni Bou was the dominant force of the Trial World Championship event in Germany, taking victory on both days at Gefrees. The Repsol Honda rider placed ahead of rival Adam Raga on Saturday and Sunday, and now holds an 11-point advantage over his rival in the overall standings. With his two wins this weekend, Bou now has four to his name this season –the last three at consecutive rounds.

Teammates Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto alternated fourth place finishes in Germany, missing out on the podium but moving up the overall standings. Fujinami is third with 74 points, whilst Busto is fifth with 72.

The next event for the Repsol Honda team takes place on June 11th and 12th, at the Grand Prix of Andorra.


Toni Bou

“I think that, despite the mistakes I made on the first lap, I was able to correct things and have a very good second lap. I was very tired from the effort I had put in on Saturday, but I performed a lot better and felt a lot more comfortable on the bike –without my shoulder bothering me. The result from this weekend is great for the title, because –and I say this time after time and will say it right until the end– this season is going to be very tough.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“The best thing about this weekend is that I leave Germany third in the World Championship. I had a bad time on the opening lap and didn’t do well. I don’t know whether it was because of my crash or because the bike was sliding a lot. I got better later on. Thinking about it, if I got fifth despite doing so badly, I can only hope that the coming rounds go a lot better. The season is long, but I can look at things positively from third place. We will continue fighting in Andorra.”

Jaime Busto

“I was calmer today when I got past certain sections. This is positive, but I really thought that I was doing a lot worse during the race. When I finished it was a surprise to see that I was in third at the end of the second lap. I never rode at my best and I can see now that sometimes you can’t overthink things –because other riders also make mistakes. It is another lesson to be learned.”

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