All you need to know about Indoor Trial

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Indoor Trial takes place in an enclosed space. We unveil the key features of this category in which the Repsol riders Toni Bou, Takahisa Fujinami, and Jaime Busto partake.

Toni Bou en competición de trial indoor
All you need to know about Indoor Trial

Did you know that the first indoor #Trial took place in 1978?


The most spectacular motorcycle sport

Trial is one of the most technical motorcycle sports. Riders must ride through sections facing different obstacles and follow one main rule at all times: avoid touching the ground with your feet, toe, handlebars, protector, or engine guard.

Penalties range from 0-5 in each section, but what is the basis for penalizing riders?

First of all, each time riders touch the ground is considered a foul, so they are given a negative point.

There is also what is known as a “fiasco” in Trial jargon. This term refers to other types of mistakes: falling, backing up the bike in an obstacle, or exceeding the set limit time for riding through a section.

These “fiascos” are penalized by a section observer with an immediate whistle blow. In this case, riders are penalized five points.


Origins of the Indoor Trial

During its early years, Trial was only practised outdoors. It was in 1978 that the first trial took place indoors, in Barcelona to be exact. An Indoor Trial course is specially designed by an FIM expert who determines what the obstacles will be as well as their order.

The best riders of the indoor format of this sport stand out for two essential qualities: balance and the ability to plan ahead to face each section. Currently, if anything is clear it is that Toni Bou of the Repsol Team is a leading rider in Indoor Trial, with nine World Championship titles under his belt.



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