To finish, I’d like to tell you something that I’m often asked — why do I have number 26 on my plane? It’s not just a coincidence, but actually a lot of them! For a long time in my competitive career, I flew a Sukhoi Su-26. When we started working with the Repsol sponsorship, Marc Márquez visited us at the aerodrome to get to know us. He was the one who christened our planes, Cástor Fantoba’s with his number 93 and mine with Dani Pedrosa’s 26. Interestingly, in my first season in the Red Bull Air Race, the factory number of the plane I flew—an Edge 540—was number 26. So when they asked me what number I wanted to compete with, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Thanks to all our Box Repsol fans for your support. We hope to have some good times from here until the end of the season.

Juan Velarde.
Repsol Pilot in the Red Bull Air Race