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From South Africa to the skies with Cástor Fantoba

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Fantoba will represent Spain, with the help of Repsol, in the World Aerobatic Championships in South Africa this September.

Cástor fantoba atiende a la prensa
From South Africa to the skies with Cástor Fantoba

Cástor Fantoba: “It is an honour to represent my country and have Marca España on board”


The Spanish national Aerobatic team today presented Cástor Fantoba as their representative in the upcoming World Aerobatic Championships. The 2014 European Champion, a member of Bravo3 Repsol Team since 2011, will be the only Spanish pilot participating in the 29th edition of the event, which will be held from September 9th-17th in the town of Melelane, South Africa.

Fantoba will fly a Sukhoi 31 in the World Aerobatic Championships, a high performance single-seater aircraft built with high strength and low weight materials designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Moscow. The engine used by these aircraft is the air-cooled, nine-cylinder 400hp Vedeneyev M14PF, which has a track record in sports aviation as the most robust and reliable motor in the world circuit. The fuselage, propeller and engine are designed to withstand acceleration of up to 25G (25x the force of gravity), both positive and negative.

A native of Sangüesa (Navarra), Fantoba was crowned European Champion in 2014, as well as earning a bronze medal in the European series in 2016. He is also a double bronze medal winner in the 2015 World Aerobatic Championships and a 6 times Spanish Champion. He has been officially recognised as a High Level Sportsman (DAN) by the Higher Sports Council since 2005, and has won more than 40 medals for Spain during his sporting career.

Cástor Fantoba volando en avión

Cástor Fantoba

It is an honour to represent my country and have Marca España on board. I would like to express my sincerest thanks for the recognition they have given to our work.”

Beatriz Tobío, Responsable de patrocinio de Repsol

“Repsol have been collaborating with Equipo Bravo 3 since 2011, and we are very excited about the new challenge for Cástor Fantoba at the World Aerobatic Championships in South Africa. Cástor is an excellent ambassador both for Repsol and for Spain, since he represents values ​​such as effort, dedication and teamwork, and he allows Repsol to have a presence at the elite level of a sport as spectacular and demanding as aerobatics.”

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