Repsol and Toyota Gazoo Racing join forces with renewable fuel for the Dakar Rally

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Repsol will supply a new FIA-homologated gasoline blend with 70% renewable components to the official Toyota team at Dakar 2024.

Repsol and Toyota Gazoo Racing join forces with renewable fuel for the Dakar Rally

Repsol will provide a new renewable fuel to the Toyota Gazoo Racing team during Dakar 2024, taking place from January 5 to 19 in Saudi Arabia. The Spanish multi-energy company will supply more than 10,000 liters to enable two of the team’s vehicles to tackle the world’s most demanding rally with a new gasoline blend containing 70% renewable components, homologated by FIA last November.

The drivers using this renewable fuel will be Brazilian Lucas Moraes, who finished third in Dakar 2023, and Seth Quintero from the USA, one of the most promising young talents in the competition.

This collaboration is the result of joint work between Repsol and Toyota across various tests and competitions to develop Repsol’s renewable fuel for high competition. This new fuel has been designed and produced at the Repsol Technology Lab, the company’s innovation center, using organic waste, such as sustainable residues from the wine industry. It has been produced in facilities certified under the ISCC EU sustainability scheme, recognized by the European institutions to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria and carbon footprint reduction for renewable fuels outlined in the Renewable Energy Directive.

High competition has always been the best testing ground for Repsol to assess its products under the most demanding conditions. Repsol began using renewable fuels in Dakar in 2022 alongside Isidre Esteve, and this supply remains in effect today. From that same year, the company also supplied 100% renewable fuels to the French Formula 4 championship, the world’s first single-seater competition to use these new fuels. In 2024, MotoGP teams, including Repsol Honda, will also start using 40% renewable fuel.

Repsol has a long history in producing renewable fuels for both competition and transportation, allowing users to maintain the high performance of conventional fuels while simultaneously reducing emissions.

Shortly, Repsol will start operations in Cartagena (Spain) at the first plant in the Iberian Peninsula exclusively dedicated to the production of advanced biofuels from organic waste, primarily used cooking oil and residues from the agri-food industry. It will have an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons of renewable fuel, sufficient for 141,000 laps around the world by car, resulting in a reduction of 900,000 tons of CO2 per year in the mobility sector.

Experience in high competition enables Repsol to offer high-quality products to its end customers. Throughout 2023, Repsol has started supplying 100% renewable fuel at its service stations in Spain and Portugal, surpassing 50 stations where customers can choose to refuel with renewable fuel tested under very demanding conditions, such as competition circuits and the desert during the Dakar Rally.

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