Isidre Esteve moves back up the ranking in Morocco

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The Repsol Rally Team driver places 19th in the overall ranking after making the most of the marathon stage. The Lérida native gained another two places in the overall standing, despite getting stuck on a dune and losing almost 20 minutes.

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Isidre Esteve moves back up the ranking in Morocco

It’s really exciting because we can see that, with every day that goes by, we get faster and faster.


Isidre Esteve

Isidre Esteve continues to make good progress in the Morocco Rally. This Monday, he made the most of the 105 miles (170 kilometres) of the penultimate special to move up another two positions in the overall ranking and break into the top 20, despite losing almost 20 minutes on a dune. “It’s been another very positive day and we’ve been able to learn a lot from this complicated situation for the future”, acknowledged the Repsol Rally Team driver, who is now 19th overall and 8th in the T1.2 category.

Today’s race was shortened to less than half the distance after several rivers in the area burst their banks in recent days. However, Isidre Esteve made the most of the entire race to continue working on perfecting his Sodicars Racing BV6 Dakar prototype, which has a 3-litre, 335-hp BMW biturbo diesel engine and adapted hand controls on the steering wheel.

“We are having fun again and have continued to make progress in a short but intense stage. It is a shame that we got stuck on the crest of a dune. However, on the upside, thanks to this we were able to test the hydraulic lift that we set up. Without a doubt, this will allow us to save time”, Isidre Esteve explained. Despite the unexpected delay, the Repsol and Onyx Seguros driver finished the day 22nd overall and 8th in the T1.2 category after a 2-hour, 37-minute, and 11-second race.

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“My co-pilot Txema Villalobos did a great job getting the car back into action and we were also able to learn from this complicated situation. It’s clear that with this car, you cannot hesitate, not even for a second. You have to go over the dunes decisively because the car has more than enough power”, affirmed Isidre Esteve from Erfoud.

The driver from Oliana accumulated nearly 12 hours of competition in this rally, which he is using to prepare for the next Dakar and evaluate his level in this scored test for the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallys. For now the results are promising as he placed 19th overall and 8th in the T1.2 category with an accumulated time of 11 hours, 51 minutes, and 3 seconds.

“We came to Morocco to train and compare ourselves to the other teams. Placing in the top 20 in this rally is a great result because the level here is very high and this makes us step up our speed. It’s really exciting because every little change we make with the team allows us to go faster and faster”, the Lérida native stated.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the fifth and last stage of the Morocco Rally with a total of 144 miles (232 kilometres), 116 of which are timed (188 kilometres). “It will be another short but very varied special, with hard track and difficult navigation. We are very eager to take on this stage… It’s a shame that this has to end!”Isidre Esteve commented.

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