Why is Marc such a dab hand at Sachsenring?

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Since 2010, number 93 has won each and every race at the German circuit. What makes Sachsenring such a good circuit for the Repsol Honda rider?

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Why is Marc such a dab hand at Sachsenring?

Sachsenring is an anti-clockwise track. This is the same as dirt track circuits

It doesn’t matter whether its raining or sunny, whether the tarmac is new or old, whether its hot or cold, Marc Márquez has bagged eight consecutive victories at Sachsenring, all starting from the pole position. With this track record, there’s no doubt that it is one of the best for the Cervera-born rider, and there’s a whole host of reasons why.

The first of these is that Sachsenring is an anti-clockwise track. This is the same as dirt track circuits, a sport that Marc loves and takes part in regularly. At just 3671 m long, it’s the shortest track in the MotoGP calendar. This makes for short laps, which are also typical in this discipline. Sachsenring also has a large number of left-hand turns — 10 out of 13, yet another feature it shares with dirt track circuits. Considering number 93’s liking for left-hand turns, it’s no surprise he’s the fastest rider at the German GP.


In particular, the section between turn 4 and turn 10 only has left-hand turns. This peculiar stretch is especially complicated, as the left side of the tyre heats up while the right side cools down. This is problematic when the rider moves out towards turn 11 — a fast downhill turn with low visibility and no room for error, which is also a right-hand bend. Some riders may take their foot off the accelerator, focus on taking the correct path, and lose a bit of time on the turn.

Others go into turn 11 at full throttle, keeping their foot on the accelerator even though they can’t see the exit and taking a leap of faith to go into the fast sector at the highest speed possible. This is very difficult because the rider’s route must be almost perfect if they don’t want to come off the track, but they could win a few precious seconds to help them take home a victory.

After having seen Marc find his limits and overcome them time and time again, we are in no doubt as to what type of rider he is — an attitude that works in his favour when he is battling against turn 11 at Sachsenring.


Marc Márquez holds the current records for the fastest lap and the race fast lap at this circuit. He also has the highest number of victories along with Agostini (10). However, his predecessors competed on the old longer circuit, not the one that we know today.

Marc Márquez at Sachsenring in figures
Let’s finish off by taking a look back over the rider from Cervera’s achievements at this circuit. Here’s hoping that Marc steps up onto the podium once again at the upcoming German GP. Let’s go, Marc!

Victories: 10, 125cc (1), Moto2 (2), MotoGP (7)

Podiums: 10, 125cc (1), Moto2 (2), MotoGP (7)

Poles: 10, 125cc (1), Moto2 (2), MotoGP (7)

Fastest laps: 6, 125cc (1), MotoGP (5)

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