Update on Marc Márquez’s medical progress

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Over the next few weeks, Marc Márquez will be able to progressively advance in the functional recovery process of the operated arm.

Marc Márquez hablando a cámara
Update on Marc Márquez’s medical progress

A further review of Marc Márquez at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, 10 weeks after surgery for an infected pseudoarthrosis of the right humerus, has confirmed a favourable clinical situation. The medical team led by Doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña, and including Doctors Juan De Miguel, Aitor Ibarzabal and Andrea García Villanueva, assessed the radiographic signs of bone consolidation and were satisfied with the progress. From now on, and during the next few weeks, Márquez will be able to progress steadily in the process of functional recovery of the operated arm.

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