This is how we eat at the HRC Hospitality cabin

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During the Grand Prix, the Hospitality cabins can make more than 100 000 meals for the World Championship paddock “inhabitants”. We spoke with the head manager of the HRC Hospitality cabin, to learn from the inside more about what his job entails.

This is how we eat at the HRC Hospitality cabin

Where do you buy food for the Hospitality cabin area? Do you buy it beforehand or in businesses close to the circuit?

We usually buy 90% of the food in nearby area or in the town closest to the circuit.

How much food and beverage is transported to the GPs in order to offer a normal service?

We try not to transport food apart from drinks because we have sponsors for water, wine, and beer. The amount varies from one GP to the next. During the hottest GPs, 1 500 bottles of water and 1 000 cans of fizzy drinks were handed out.

Are there any rules regarding what kind of food you can bring to the event? Is there anything that is not permitted for any reason?

Out of respect, and for religious reasons, we avoid using or buying pork in Qatar and also in Malaysia.

How many cooks work to make the meals needed over the course of the weekend?

We have one main chef and two or three other people in the kitchen. For races that we travel to by plane, we have the chef and one other kitchen assistant.

Do you know how many hospitality cabins there are in the #MotoGP paddock?

Hospitality de HRC
Hospitality de HRC

Starting at the beginning of the event until the end, how many hours can the Hospitality cabin be in operation?

We start out everyday at 7:45 a.m. with breakfast for the riders, so I normally get to work around 7:15 a.m. Dinner service ends at 10:00 p.m., but by the time we finish cleaning it’s 11:00 p.m. So, about 15 hours of work a day.

Do the riders eat breakfast and dinner in your kitchen or is lunch separate?

We’re in charge our serving all meals to the riders. They have specific diet plans which are completely different from the schedules and meals of everyone else.

Who has access to the Hospitality cabin? Is it reserved for team members?

All of the team staff, guests, and sponsors all have access to the cabin.

Over the course of the weekend, how many people enter the paddock to eat breakfast, lunch, etc.?

It’s hard to say, but there are about 100 Hospitality cabins, we multiply this by 1 000 meals each, so we’re talking about 100 000 meals. In Honda’s case it changes. For example, during very hectic races we can serve up to 100 or 120 meals at lunch time. However, at calmer races like the one in Malaysia it may just be for the team, which is about 30-40 people.

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