Márquez teaches Joaquín about his MotoGP

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The Repsol Honda Team rider shows the Betis star his Honda RC213V.

Marc Márquez y Joaquín
Márquez teaches Joaquín about his MotoGP

Reigning MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez was recently a teacher for the day to Real Betis football player Joaquín. Despite having been born in Puerto de Santa María, just 30 kilometers from the Circuito de Jerez – Ángel Nieto, the charismatic player never seen a Grand Prix in person. Thanks to his meeting with Márquez a few weeks ago, the Spaniard got up close with one of the most iconic bikes in the Motorcycle World Championship: The Honda RC213V.

Márquez explained the purpose of the various buttons and levers on his bike, and even invited Joaquín to swing his leg over it to get a feel for the Repsol Honda machine.

The next time the Repsol Honda Team rider himself will be on board the RC213V will be this weekend at the Andalusian track, for the fourth round of the 2019 MotoGP World Championship: The Spanish Grand Prix.

Mar Márquez en un autobús


Joaquín and Marc Márquez finally meet!

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