Marc Márquez’s recovery

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Marc Márquez is currently recovering from an operation he underwent in December. After a long winter of rehab, here he tells us how he’s feeling and how he plans take on the first tests of the preseason at the Sepang International Circuit.

Marc Márquez en su recuperación del hombro
Marc Márquez’s recovery

Tomorrow sees the first official test of the 2019 preseason start at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. Marc Márquez has been preparing for the return to action for two months since, just a few days after completing the 2018 campaign, he underwent an operation to treat a recurring injury to his left shoulder.

The Repsol Honda Team rider is still unable to ride to the fullest, but is looking forward to getting back onboard a bike, as explained in an exclusive video of his rehabilitation work. Carlos J. García, his physiotherapist, revealed that “there were orders to take apart his bikes, as he had such a strong desire to ride ahead of time.

When Marc Márquez got off his Honda on November 29th at the last test of 2018, he began a race against the clock to get in the best possible shape for the first official test of 2019. After surgery on December 4th carried out by doctors Xavier Mir and Teresa Marlet, he started recovery work with his physiotherapist one week later.

Since then, two 2.5 hour sessions a day, every day except on the 24th, 25th and 31st of December and the 1st of January, have allowed the current MotoGP World Champion to be ready for the three days of testing in Sepang.


Marc Márquez sin camiseta
Marc Márquez sin camiseta


Marc Márquez’s statements about his recovery

Until I get on the MotoGP bike I will not know how I am. I am aware that we will put in few laps – quality over quantity. More than anything else, that’s so as not to force my shoulder and cause a new injury, such as tendonitis. I also know that during the test I won’t be able to put in all the laps I would like; it’s just a training session.

All of the riders will leave Malaysia with zero points, so I have to be careful not to throw away the hours I’ve spent on recovery, the two months of work and patience. Testing in Malaysia is very demanding and my preparation couldn’t be like other years, so I know that I will have soreness after; but following these past two months, I can’t wait to get back on my bike.

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