Marc Márquez’s favourite series and films

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Number 93 is back on the Repsol Team blog. This time, he tells us about his series and film-watching habits. Do you have the same tastes as Marc?

Marc Márquez casual frente a pared
Marc Márquez’s favourite series and films

Hello friends!

Although riders have a tight schedule and little free time, like everyone else I also enjoy watching series. I tend to binge-watch them so that I don’t lose interest, because otherwise I might get busy with other things and never finish them. This past winter, I finished watching Narcos. The first season was my favourite, especially the episodes when Pablo Escobar is in prison. I am also watching Money Heist, although I’m a bit behind so please, no spoilers in the comments!

A lot of people have recommended Game of Thrones, but since it’s a series with so many characters I don’t think I’d be able to remember all their names. On the track I am able to concentrate very well, but it would be difficult for me to follow such a complicated storyline.
As far as films, I’m not one to go to the cinema. It would be crazy! If I did go, I’d have to go in after the film had already started and leave before it ended. The best option for me is to watch them at home. I enjoy action films, like American Sniper and especially The Fast and the Furious saga — I have seen them all! It’s a bit over the top, but I saw the first one with I was little and have liked them ever since. My least favourite genre is horror because it gives me nightmares! Yes, I know you’ll say I’m too grown up for that but I dislike them all the same!

One of the films I’ve seen recently that I’d recommend to you is A Monster Calls. It really touched me, and I think that many of you will enjoy it as well.

Marc Márquez en avión saludando
Marc Márquez en avión saludando

To tell you the truth, when I have to stay home on a rainy day I prefer playing on my PlayStation with my brother Álex than watching series, although I understand the appeal of cozying up on the sofa and watching a Christmas film when it’s cold outside (like Home Alone, for example).

Usually, the best moment for me to watch series and films is during the month of October because we travel and spend a lot of time on the plane. When we travel outside of Europe, we have a lot of down time between the races on the Asia Tour and we take advantage of that time to watch things on our laptops and tablets. During the winter between seasons is also a good time to enjoy series, since the days are shorter and we spend more time at home.

If they made a film about my life, I think the actor playing Marc Márquez would also have to be a good rider. One of my favourite actors is Will Smith, but maybe he wouldn’t be right for the part as we have different styles. Another actor I would have loved to play me is Paul Walker because I really liked him.

Maybe you could give me a hand. Which actor would be a good choice to play Marc Márquez on the big screen? Would you go watch a film about me?

Hugs for you all — see you on the circuits!

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